8 Ways to Boost Your Mood

Listen, we could all use a pick-me-up right about now.
Boost Your Mood

If you’ve been on Zoom calls for what feels like days and your to do list keeps growing longer and longer, here is your sign to take some time for you today. You deserve a break, and here’s a few tips to get you recharged and back to your best. 


One of the best things you can do to get out of your own head is to do something for someone else. Check out this story on how to help the elderly to find out how you can help make someone else’s day. Something as simple as shoveling a path to a neighbor’s mailbox can make a huge difference and all of our friends need us more than ever right now. 


Float therapy is just what it sounds like—participants float around in a sensory deprivation pod that’s filled with roughly 850 to 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt and water. The pod is heated to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and the salt keeps you afloat so you don’t have to exert any extra energy. The pod is completely silent, giving the brain a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Each session lasts 60 minutes and can be used to combat chronic anxiety, heighten cognitive function, relieve pain, and even high-blood pressure. Some floaters even use it as a replacement for pain medication and physical therapy. And if you’re really feeling fearless, falling asleep in a float pod is completely safe, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.


Who among us isn’t carrying a serious amount of tension in our bodies right now? The therapists at Indy Massage Company are ready to (very safely) help you relieve some stress. And, hey, if you’re not feeling ready for something hands-on right now, maybe treat yourself to a gift certificate to use later. Even just knowing a massage is waiting for you in the future is going to feel nice. 


Halotherapy is an alternative medicine that makes use of pink salt. Pink salt offers relief from skin, body, and respiratory disorders and diseases. At the Indianapolis Salt Cave, you’ll find a cool and humid man-made cave that mimics the environment of an underground salt mine in Poland, which makes for ideal breathing atmospheric conditions. Enter the Healing Salt Cave ($35 for a 45-minute session) to help combat asthma, allergies, bronchial infections, pneumonia, COPD, and even Cystic Fibrosis. Check out this article on alternative wellness treatments for more ideas.


Yoga is notoriously known as being a practice that can help ease anxiety and stress, which is something we all could use a little extra of these days. There are a ton of local places to choose from but some of our favorites include Flourish Yoga + Wellness, Practice Indie, and Invoke Studio. If you’re not feeling up for an in-person class, all three studios offer virtual and/or livestream classes as well.

Get Some Extra Sleep

If experiencing the holidays during COVID taught us anything, it’s that practicing sleep hygiene is an essential part of stress relief. A good night’s sleep is the health and wellness practice that needs to be integrated into your routines. Do some research on the practice to see how to make it work for you. Here are some quick tips you can start with today: Only get in your bed for sleeping (don’t do your binge watching here), turn off all electronics at least one hour before your head hits the pillow, and listen to a calming sleep story—like the one voiced by Matthew McConaughey on the Calm app.

Freshen up your look. 

Some days you just need to treat yourself, and what better way to do that than buying yourself something like cute new jewelry. Check out this story to learn more about the trends this season. Sticking to a budget? Go through your closet and play around with pieces you already own or arrange an accessories swap with a friend. 

Try a New Recipe

While you’re stuck indoors, now is the perfect time to try out some new recipes. There’s nothing like cooking (even if it’s with a few basic items in your pantry) for loved ones to feed the soul. Read this story to find some great recipes recommendations from local female chefs.

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