5 Questions With Chef Kelsey Murphy

The former “MasterChef” winner opened her pop-up “Inspo” this week, so we caught up with Chef Kelsey Murphy to get the scoop on her food and future plans.
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Chef Kelsey Murphy

A “MasterChef” winner who just launched her new venture “Inspo” in Fishers, Chef Kelsey Murphy is an exciting talent in the Indianapolis food scene. A former physical therapist, Murphy has always had a passion for food, beginning back when she used to cook at home as a child with her family.

Once Murphy headed off to college, she became an avid lover of food TV: “’Food Network’ was always on, and that is where I started to refine my skills. I’m a student of Ina Garten, Giada, and Rachel Ray,” Murphy explains.

Murphy is now married with three children of her own (aged five, three, and one), and she hopes to make her culinary career an endeavor that involves her family every step of the way.

“I really just want to be an example to my kids that Mommy can be Mommy, but also can be a wife, chef, author, TV personality, and hard worker. I think there is no more valuable gift that I could give them,” she says.

You just launched “Inspo” in the FISHERS TEST KITCHEN, which you have described as a pop-up featuring food and flavors that have inspired you thus far. Can you give us some hints on what types of items diners can expect?

Think fresh, colorful, approachable, but elevated. The menu items are all completely different so you’ll want to keep coming back to try each thing!

You won season 11 of “MASTERCHEF.” What was the biggest lesson that you took away from the show that you use in your cooking today?

The best lesson I took away was to trust my cooking and my instincts. It took a while for me to really believe the judges when they said they loved my food. I had to build that confidence and realize that I can trust myself in the kitchen, even though I am not professionally trained.

What’s your favorite thing to cook in your downtime, or do you prefer to let someone else do the cooking?
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Chef Kelsey Murphy

I LOVE cooking in my downtime. If I really am just going to cook for fun, I love baking cookies and making fresh pasta. Both are relaxing and feel very nostalgic and comforting for me. Plus, they are both things that I can involve my kiddos with.  They love to help me in the kitchen.

What’s one of the most memorable food-related experiences that you’ve had so far in Indianapolis?

I loved my experience at Vida in Indianapolis. Their style of food and dining is definitely what I see in a future restaurant concept of mine. My husband and I have also had great nights at HC Tavern + Kitchen in the Fishers District. We not only love their food, but have had excellent service on many occasions, which wholeheartedly matters more than the food itself.

Other than “Inspo,” what else can we look forward to from you in the future?

I hope to build my own personal brand of Chef Kelsey Murphy. I love being on camera and feel like it is the part of the food world I was meant for. I hope to judge cooking competition shows, host a competition show, and even have my own one day. We shall see; the sky’s the limit. I am also working on a cookbook currently, so look for that in the next year!

Catch up with Chef Kelsey Murphy at Chefkelseymurphy.com, on Instagram @chefkelseymurphy, or on her “Inspo” Instagram page at @inspo_chefkelseymurphy.

Stephanie Groves is the Executive Editor of Indy Maven and she can’t wait to try Inspo’s avocado toast.

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