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Welcome to Indy Maven’s July astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell, better known around Indy as the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.


July throws us all for a loop with some amazing expansion that also comes with a healthy dose of challenge. You owe this forward motion to the emphasis on the Moon this month and the lunar ability to make you feel comfortable to enjoy the little things. Opulence is everywhere when time is a resource and intimacy is currency. You can always go deeper. This is a time to feel more connected intimately to all of our relationships and to our projects, be they work-related or extracurricular.

This month starts off with Mars making a difficult square to Uranus, riding the powerful coattails of a difficult New Moon at the end of June. While you might feel like you’re living the summer dream with a heavy Neptune influence casting glamours over early July, when the planet continues to backslide into retrograde, you may also lose touch with reality a smidge. Don’t worry though — the universe (and your boss, and your friends, and your kids) will be there to remind you of all the stuff you’re forgetting about. You seem to have endless time, but then suddenly none at all. That illusion is there for the same reason endorphins exist: You couldn’t do it if you were fully conscious of how much you really had to do.

On the 11th, when Mercury enters Cancer, you can expect to feel especially skilled at expressing yourself and seeing deeper meaning in your life and all the connections you’ve created. Your intuition and sensitivity are on high alert right now, in a good way, and you might realize now that your dreams are sending you messages. You’re being asked to be more critical, see deeper meaning in symbols, and allow others into your heart right now. At the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13th, you’ll start to put these symbols together into sentences and more thoughtfully declare the meaning you’re giving to your experience. Family issues and issues with a father figure may come up at this Full Moon and inspire an ego struggle. Realize that this is a natural part of trying to unite the ideas of people who love each other.

During the better part of this month, the stars are challenging you to claim what you are most committed to and seal your fate. How you spend your time this month will set the stage for the next several months ahead. Inattention can contribute to anxiety, impatience, and aggressiveness. Setting boundaries with the people closest to you, knowing your limits, and then asserting them can assist with your acceptance of change.

Unfortunately, none of this is easy, and even though it is synchronous and fated, a confrontation between the head and the heart is inevitable right now. On the 15th, Chiron begins its retrograde in Aries, showing you the areas of your long-repressed aggression and anger. It’s likely that any off-the-cuff overreactions to minor issues that crop up right now are due to deep-seated abandonment issues from the past that you may have papered over. You’re enough as you are and the infantile rage at not being chosen is coming up now to be healed. If a minor rejection occurs (a friend cancels plans, for example), investigate how that makes you feel and why. With Cancer season inviting you to vulnerability, don’t self-destruct, but lean into the energy.

To relieve this super-insular focus on your feelings, Virgo and Leo team up on the 21st and 22nd respectively to put the spotlight back on the external world. You have a desire and need to express your talents and your deeply authentic self right now, but with Venus in the sign of Virgo, you may feel overly analytical of how you put your finished package together. Don’t stop yourself from having a good time and getting your needs met just because you feel super critical of yourself or your outfit. Dare to cast aside self-doubt and fear this summer and enjoy your life for what it is.

Now is a time to be aware of the ways you judge yourself and force others into boxes that someone once forced you into. It’s second nature, but it doesn’t mean it’s always right. There may be a tendency to lean into a sort of Madonna/whore complex this month — an all-or-nothing view of who you are, and the impulse to hide what you also are. This may feel vividly personal, or it could be projected onto others. The pedestal is high, and the drop is so steep that it’s destructive, so it’s important to practice radical self-acceptance and extend this gesture to others, especially romantic partners.

You all but snap out of this when Mercury enters Leo and connects with the New Moon on the 28th, giving you an instant self-esteem boost and motivation to reinvent yourself. When the planet of communication is visiting sparkly Leo, the authentic self is highlighted and while this can sometimes lead to arrogance or cockiness, generally this is a good thing. The self is a real thing and not just a concept and sometimes it needs real tending to. July is one of those times where the urge for intimacy inspires you to look for answers to questions you normally don’t ask and embrace the need to be seen for who you really are.


You’re the queen of July, Cancer, and you’re over every single person’s bullshit. This month is about claiming yourself and starting over in a way that frees you and doesn’t make you sad (a tall order for one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac). As the month begins, still riding the fumes of your New Moon in Cancer from late June, you’re feeling heavy and deeply desirous of casting off some of that loathsome baggage. What’s really cool is that this month, that’s kinda all you’re doing. You need a clean slate, some time away, a trip out of town. You need to not be here for a while. This starts in your environment and may seem relatively innocuous, but you quickly realize this month that you’re feeling the weight of not being honest with other people: You’ve been accumulating resentments and building up pressure in the name of responsibility. When Mercury enters your sign on the 11th, you find your voice and it’s impressive (and maybe a little bit scary to hear). You know who you are, but you don’t always tell people … until provoked. You are a cardinal sign (a sign that starts the seasons) and you’re very good at hiding your power, but it roils under the surface. If you know you know, and this month, everyone’s gonna know that you are not to be messed with. The sign of Cancer rules the ancient mother figure and mother-bear energy is coming through at the Full Moon on July 13th. You’re being faced with an opponent, an enemy.  It’s hard to say this because this opponent could be more than a concept or a paradigm, it could actually be someone you love. But the situation stinks to high heaven — they’ve forgotten what you deserve. You’re coming in to claim yourself and advocate for all those givers, like you, who are dethroned on the daily by the people who assume silence is weakness. Your power moves best in the dark, but a light shines on you at the Full Moon and calls it out of its hiding place. Expect birthday tears that give way to birthday hugs. You needed this. By the New Moon in Leo on July 28th, expect to feel the weight of the world lighten, your skin to be glowing, and to truly know you’re on the path to forgive and forget.

Tarotscopes | Ace of Wands: You’re hot, you’re smart, you’re funny. But you need to believe it. That is all.

Key Dates: July 1, July 5, July 13, July 15, July 23

Famous Cancer: Solange

Local Cancer: Ashley Brooks, co-founder of Indy Women in Food, co-founder of Milktooth, co-organizer of Baby Got Brunch festival | | — tickets on sale for Aug 13th!



LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22):

You’re being cosmically checked by the universe this month, Leo, but you’ve been here before. You couldn’t claim your dominion over the masses on the daily if you played it safe all the time. While you’re meant to stand out this month, particularly at month’s end, when the signs begin to change to your tune (when we have three planets in Leo), before you shine, you may be greeted with a big fat fail. This will come as a surprise and likely will happen around the 15th when Chiron moves into fellow fire sign Aries and the Full Moon activates all measures of heaviness on your usually ebullient spirit. It’s not enough to just know that it’s a setback, you need to know that you’re going to feel supremely discouraged, possibly ruined by something that ultimately turns out to be a super small setback or criticism. You’re strong enough to handle it, and by July 28th, you’ll have recovered and surpassed where you had to double back. You needed this break from pace to remember that you’re only human and that perfection is overrated. You’ve been winding yourself so tight that you’ve had very little self-forgiveness and no patience. This “failure” brings peace by allowing you to play with reality and not take everything so seriously.

Tarotscopes | Five of Swords: You’re coming down from a vanity bender and feeling humbled — you know this is what you needed.

Key Dates: July 4, July 15, July 22, July 28, July 29


You’re *in* your element Virgo; nevermind that your element is crotchety, underpaid, and hyper-aware of the faults of the systems within which you live. July brings you some kind of cosmic remuneration for all the things you fix and systematically improve in your surroundings by simply being in their presence. You have this ability to just continue humbly on, suppressing the need for validation. Yeah, no … not in July. You’re feeling very much, “That’ll be a $20 consulting fee” regarding your advice and very much, “Put my name on it” regarding your accomplishments. Part of this is because the shift into Cancer season, and particularly the shift of Mercury into Cancer on July 11th, has you getting more in touch with the ways you betray yourself by working in the background while other people take the credit. After the Full Moon on the 13th, you may need to express these feelings and clear the air. Expect to be active mentally and physically this month, and anticipate your patience to be at an all-time high. You’re willing to pace yourself to get the job done because you actually savor things that other people consider chores. As Venus enters your sign on the 21st, you’re re-examining the value of quiet time, routines, and practical luxuries. You may invest in a deep cleaning device, a new closet organizer, or just a wonderful piece of clothing that sort of inspires you to give yourself a break and work smarter not harder. This month is about keeping your head down, unless it’s to remind someone that YOU did that, and you’re welcome.

Tarotscopes | Knight of Pentacles: You will pull off incredible feats this month. Not because of any particular power, but because you are pacing yourself.

Key Dates: July 11, July 21, July 13, July 15, July 26


You’re vibing extremely hard this month, and even though you’re a known and confirmed flirt, your high beams are turned on this month. You invented the game, bb. You know that sometimes the game plays you, too, but you don’t let that stop you. This month, your sexual volume is turned up as high as it can go, attracting all the right prey. You’re kind of acting like a jungle cat, peeking out coyly from behind incredibly sexy and luscious monstera fronds or some shit. It’s time for you to put your judgment skills to the test, though, and know exactly when it’s time to strike. In the past, you may have gotten a little hasty or impatient and tried to catch your prey too soon. You’re not needy or desperate, though, and above all else, you never allow yourself to get thirsty! You know how to manage expectations, especially between the sheets, and here’s the test this month: Go after what you want. I wouldn’t say you should “get what you want at any cost,” but the thing is that you are highly likely to get what you ask for this month. If you’re waiting for permission, this is it. Nobody’s going to give you permission to be vulnerable because they aren’t even aware you’re not already doing it.

Tarotscopes | 8 of Wands: If you’ve racked up a bunch of PTO; it’s time for you to cash it in. If you don’t have PTO, quit your job. Just kidding, kinda.

Key Dates: July 5, July 13, July 18, July 19


You weren’t expecting this, but you’re ready for something different. You want to be elevated and it’s a good thing because now is your time to shine. You’ve been putting in hard work on something, and this month, you’ll really be able to see steady improvement. You can clearly draw a line back between your personal influence and its development. You want the money, power, glory, recognition, and clout that comes along with this type of win, and it’s likely you’ll get whatever you ask for this month. On the 5th, Mars enters Taurus, and this is an especially fortuitous time for you to do something that’s unusual. Maybe it doesn’t come naturally, but it’s essential for you to accept your crown and then remain humble. Don’t let the fact that you’ve done all this hard work up until now give you an excuse to kick back and boss people around. It’s great to be king, but it sucks to be known as a bad leader. On the 22nd, when the sun moves into Leo, and at the Leo Full Moon on the 28th, you can expect to receive praise personally and professionally, as your relationships match up with your career goals this month. Look outside of yourself. You’re going to find what you didn’t even know you were looking for in unexpected places.

Tarotscopes | Queen of Cups: You’re emotionally stable. The days of resentment and grudges are of the past, at least for a bit longer.

Key Dates: July 5, July 22, July 24, July 28


The answer is yes. You’re always looking for action, motivation, forward motion, stimulation, go, go, go. You find inspiration in knowing the “next big thing” before it’s a big thing. This month, you’re so tapped into the frequency of the thrill that it’s really hard for you to just be at ease and allow yourself to, like … stop moving and take a rest. Throughout the month of July, your desire to be stimulated and your hunger for excitement are making themselves productive in your 5th house, prioritizing romance and passion. This is all while Venus enters Gemini, activating your 7th house of relationships, boosting your closest relationships receiving an extra dose of adventurousness and spontaneity. You may feel a little unsettled at times throughout the month, though, because even though you love the thrill of expecting the unexpected, it’s not always true that what’s unexpected is exactly welcome. It’s important to commit to whatever grounding practices you have and be sure that even when you want to reflect you don’t totally withdraw. The second half of the month calls for more introversion when Venus moves into Cancer. You may realize you do actually want the thing you’ve been denying yourself.

Tarotscopes | Wheel of Fortune: Something is clicking, do you feel it? The cogs that seemed out of place are starting to run more smoothly and it’s because of you.

Key Dates: July 13, July 17, July 22

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19):

Finally, all the pieces are falling into place and you’re receiving the golden opportunity to move forward. Your past will not change, so there’s no need to dwell on it or worry over it. This month, you’re being called to examine your roots and question how they’re controlling you now. No, you can’t change your past, but those roots don’t have to determine where you go from here. You’re emerging like a beautiful pearl from that hideous oyster. You’ve got Jupiter action hitting your 4th house of home, ancestry, and influences, creating an opportunity for you to expand your expectations beyond what you’ve been conditioned to accept. The Full Moon on the 13th is an opportunity to really let it go. Your 7th house of relationships is especially activated this month, as the sun, Mercury, and Venus all make their way through it this month. You have an especially blessed window of time this month between the 17th and 19th when everything feels like it’s conspiring in your favor to bring extra joy into your closest relationships. Because of this, you’re ready, willing, and able to show up to the world in a whole new way.

Tarotscopes | Three of Wands: You want to be comfortable, and you know that stability is your birthright. Do not accept the status quo.

Key Dates: July 13, July 17, July 18, July 19


If you have been feeling borderline prophetic, it’s because of this strange matrix you’re plugged into. Lately, it might have felt like you had a direct line to, like, 1-800-revelation, or something. But when Mars enters Taurus in your 4th house of home on the 5th, the cracks in the walls will begin to give in. All will be revealed. Any mistruths and misconceptions are going to be exposed as false, and it’ll be so easy to see any areas of your life that have been built on rocky foundations. Think: upheavals, surprises, more revelations. All of this is good for you, in the end, because when Mercury enters Leo and is quickly followed by the sun, it’s lighting up your 7th house of publicity. Anything that has to do with your public appearance or visibility will be highlighted in the second half of the month. And after releasing what’s no longer serving you, you’re free to enter the spotlight. Now there is absolutely nothing holding you back from being recognized. After the 19th, it’s definitely time to ask for the promotion, make a bold offer, or take on a challenge. The bottom line: Put yourself out there! It feels really good to be seen how you really are. Now that you know who you are, you can become whatever you want.

Tarotscopes | The Star: You can be as free as you want, but if you don’t pay attention to or keep track of responsibilities, it won’t matter.

Key Dates: July 5, July 19, July 22


Have you ever just looked around and wondered how you got into these situations? Or been hit with a wave of intense suspicion, like you didn’t belong somewhere? Babe, your ruling planet is Neptune, the god of the sea, known in the zodiac as the ruler of all things mysterious and unseen. This includes dreams, the subconscious mind, secrets, and sometimes, delusion. You’re intuitive but you’re not all-knowing. As Neptune retrogrades in your sign, we’re being challenged collectively to examine where things like dreams and illusions are rooted. Why is it that you have an overwhelming fear of open doors? Why are you suspicious of that one particular thing you’ve taken a strong stance against? Neptune’s retrograde motion in its home sign is like an alarm going off: It’s time to take a good hard look at whether your suspicions and dreams are based on anything real. In an effort to maintain sanity, you may have learned to believe in some illusions, but at what point does it veer off into delusional territory? Your strength this month lies in comfort. You’re intent on cultivating a lifestyle without noise and it’s important to keep an eye out for proverbial “clutter.”

Tarotscopes | Strength: What is difficult now is only difficult so that later it will be easy — when it counts.

Key Dates: July 5, July 17, July 20


Life’s a jerk sometimes, Aries. July is not a time to push yourself outside of your comfort zone or get miffed at yourself for not keeping pace with your outsized expectations. It’s *just* not gonna happen, no matter how hard you try. On some level, you need to deal with a past situation, particularly around the 11th, when Chiron backslides into your sign and opens up an old wound that is very much still active in your psyche. You don’t know what you’re doing, but you do know how it makes you feel this month — intuition is leading you to the root cause, but you’re not feeling strong enough to confront the events that are triggering the emotion. Let someone else confront it for you (lol or no), but don’t try to forget it because it’s very important you mourn whatever it represents and move on. Not every experience is meant for you, and especially now, you’re being asked to look at what you’ve gained from a particular path that was shut down against your will. On some level, you already know that it was never going to be a) enough for you, b) the right thing, c) something you could emotionally afford. In a way, it was a blessing to lose touch with that path. Let July inspire you to dive back into the realm before the path closed down and get in touch with what you wanted at that time. Make it a reality now.

Tarotscopes | Five of Cups: You may feel like a loner at times but you’re not a loaner. Don’t let someone get away with murder because you’re afraid of being a bitch.

Key Dates: July 13, July 15, July 22, July 28


You are on fire this month, Taurus. It feels wayyy too easy and in some ways, it can feel a little boring to have <<gasp>> no drama — even peripherally — for the month of July. Don’t get so comfy though; the Full Moon on July 13th ensures *you* are the drama you want to see in the world. You’re not content to just sit and sparkle either; you’re actually feeling the need to announce yourself. This month may coincide with a big event or wild summer vacay, but whatever it is, you’re feeling like you’ve hit the jackpot and like the center of attention (even if it’s your friend’s wedding … oops). The fire that lights your enthusiasm is also igniting your healthy selfishness. Anger can be healing, and focusing on your needs to the exclusion of all else can be exactly what you need right now. Especially on July 21st, when Venus enters Virgo and powerfully complements your earthy sign, encouraging you to refine your habits and practice “self-care” to the utmost extreme (ahem … spa day?). You’re at your most feminine, most attractive, and most receptive all summer at month’s end when Mercury and the Moon enter Leo. You know what to do to command the attention and you know what to wear to make the perfect impression.

Tarotscopes | 6 of Wands: You’re not always the center of attention, but you need to follow the impulse to perform this month.

Key Dates: July 2, July 11, July 13, July 21

GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20):

You have a lot to say, we know. Your brain is one of your sexiest assets because it conveys so much wit and fire without you ever getting too invested in the outcome. Your power lies in staying on the surface and flirting with reality (or the barista at your local café), but you’re not so smooth when it comes to moving into deeper waters. Enter Cancer season: distinctly not a vibe for you if you’re in any way attached to staying emotionally “dry” and avoiding being the “messy” maven we know you secretly are. With your ruler of communication, Mercury, entering the soft sign of Cancer, prepare for tears, emotional conversations, and out of character tenderness when you’d rather be cracking a joke or nimbly spouting off witticisms. Despite the kaleidoscopic impressionism of your feelings, your mind is still clear as a bell this month. You may receive a hit of inspiration that strikes like lightning when you’re busy crying into your beer. And it’s not a bad idea by any means; this idea has legs and it’s probably something you’ve never thought of before. Allow this time to inform your perspective and recognize a small kernel of yourself in everyone else. As the season changes to Leo and Venus enters Virgo on the 22nd, you’re in store for a return to your detachment and intellectualizing, but expect to still feel haunted by the feelings July brought up that you didn’t know were there.

Tarotscopes | Ace of Swords: Follow your bright idea. You have the unique ability to see things from the other side this month.

Key Dates: July 3, July 11, July 12, July 13, July 28

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