Maven to Know: Keianna Rae Harrison-Williams

We caught up with Zionsville’s Keianna Rae Harrison-Williams to learn more about her work, her love of Latin dancing, and why she’ll never have new shoes again.
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Meet Keianna Rae Harrison-Williams, a wife and busy mother of two little guys who leads the interior design and remodeling team as a principal with HER Home Design LLC and HER Home Design BUILD LLC. Keianna Rae often says her interior design “superpower” is finding beautiful, functional items for the home at affordable prices. Keianna Rae is also an experienced real estate flipper and rehabber with a passion for real estate investing and revitalizing communities. In her spare time, she’s an interior design blogger and enjoys Latin dancing. Whew! She is one busy lady. Tell us more, Keianna Rae!

My Maven Superpower is … Juggling owning and running a business, motherhood, and wifedom without losing my mind.

A photo of Keianna Rae Harrison-Williams and her two sons
Keianna Rae Harrison-Williams and her two sons

A fun fact about me is … I never really thought I’d be a mom. I was blessed with a son—twice. Unexpectedly. On birth control. Did I say twice? Guess I’m that 1% they talk about, eh?

My first job was … Retail, of course … I worked as a salesperson at Rave. Remember that place? It was a clothing store for junior sizes, kinda like Forever 21. Dang, I LOVED their stuff. I actually still own a sweater from that store I bought when I was 17. It barely fits and my family teases me about it, but I ain’t giving it up!

The skill I most want to learn is … I’m studying to be a trauma therapist. I’m also studying to be a certified remodeler. Call me diverse!

Best book I’ve read lately is …The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.


Self-care habit I swear by is … Latin dancing and a good glass of dry red wine.

I feel most confident when … I’ve learned a new skill and can put it to use.

My favorite nonprofit to support is … I’m a Dayspring supporter all day. I’m also a supporter of Habitat for Humanity. We will be participating in Women Build this May.

A photo of Keianna Rae Harrison-Williams
Keianna Rae Harrison-Williams

The best career advice I can offer is … Get a mentor and be open to life-long learning. Understand and accept that failure is a necessary part of growing and learning. If you don’t fail first, you can’t course-correct and be truly successful.

Favorite purchase lately is … Who the heck has time to purchase anything enjoyable for themselves with a 7 and 10-year-old? Do baseball cleats count? Do you know baseball registration is $300 PER KID? I’ll never have new shoes again. ARGH!

My favorite local restaurant dish is … Oooh, I LOVE pizza at Brozinni’s! You’ve got to try it.

The treat I’ve been indulging in lately is … If I told you, you’d judge me … but let’s just say it’s got the words Harry, David, chocolate, and cake in it. Honestly, it’s flourless and I LOVE it. #Judgeyomama

A photo of four women sitting on a couch
Keianna Rae Harrison-Williams and her team at HER Home Design LLC

Some things I am excited about for the future are … As a female-owned design/build firm, we are working toward being certified nationally as remodelers by our trade association, NARI. The courses are rigorous and require about 4 hours outside my normal 10-hr day of running a business as well as my responsibilities of being a wife and mom. I count this as an achievement because this ain’t an easy walk and I have to make a concerted effort to do these things and lead some semblance of a balanced life. With the Lord’s will, I hope to lead HER Home Design/HER Home Design BUILD into being a full-service design-build firm. I hope to finish my doctorate in trauma therapy and provide coaching/guidance services as my final act before I retire.

A Maven you should know is … Have you met Samana Huggins from The Tasty Morsel? She’s definitely a Maven to know. She makes the BEST dang cookies EVER!

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