Maven to Know: Kelli White

Indianapolis based photographer and filmmaker, Kelli White helps brands craft authentic and compelling stories through visual media.
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Kelli White photographer

Indianapolis based photographer and filmmaker, Kelli White helps brands craft authentic and compelling stories through visual media. In addition to her creative work, Kelli is also an educator for aspiring videographers and business owners through her YouTube channel, She Learns Video. Through it, she provides tools, resources and inspiration for leveraging the power of video to grow and enhance your business. Tell us more, Kelli!

My Maven Superpower is … Storytelling! Every person and business has a story to tell and bringing it to life with photos and video is my favorite thing to do!

Self-care habits I swear by … Naps!… I am currently 6 months pregnant, so that may have something to do with it… but rest in general is so important and often overlooked in this hustle culture for many entrepreneurs and high achievers.

I feel most confident when … Someone I respect or love recognizes my hard work. For better or worse, I am an Enneagram 3 to the core, iykyk.

My first job was … Working for my parents’ “family fun center”… like Chuckie Cheese, but better! I am from a family of entrepreneurs and when I look back on this time spent working in the family business, so much of my career journey makes total sense.

The best career advice I can offer is Build genuine relationships with mentors and peers. Connection is everything no matter what industry you are in. Collaborating with local partners can take your career and business to new heights!

My favorite local restaurant dish is … Anything at Big Bear Biscuits. Every dish I have tried is delicious!

The skill I most want to learn is … Flying! I am currently finishing up on my drone pilot certification, so I can fly for the businesses and brands that I work with!

My favorite nonprofit to support isLove of Labs, Indiana. We rescued our lab/mutt last year from their organization. Adopt don’t shop!

The thing I’ve been binging lately is … Emily is Paris was my most recent binge over the holidays. I just love everything about Paris and seeing the city is a fun perk!! Also, the storyline is pretty basic so you can multitask while you watch.

What’s next for me is … My focus for the future is to continue growing in the creative community by sharing my knowledge of videography. My hope is to build up a community of female filmmakers and business owners who want to expand their utilization of video in an approachable and fun way! I am also launching a podcast for She Learns Video later in 2023 – stay tuned!


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