Maven to Know: Martina Jackson

Meet Martina Jackson, the talented photographer, blogger, and food and drink connoisseur behind Drea & Co.
A photo of Martina Jackson

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Give it up for Martina Jackson, the owner of Drea & Co., which is a boutique photography and digital content creation studio. When she’s not blogging or snapping photos of food and products, the self-proclaimed “average millennial” can often be found enjoying good food and wine with even better company. Passing the mic to Martina to share more about the Indy food scene and the cocktail that fits every occasion.

My Maven Superpower is … getting comfortable and establishing more personable relationships with the people I work with. Its important to me to get to know folks. 

Book I look forward to reading this year is … “The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever

Self-care habit I swear by is … just giving myself grace and allowing myself the space to make errors and mistakes without a lot of guilt. 

Career advice I live by is … to not negotiate against yourself. 

Best purchase Ive made lately is … redecorating my lounge. Its kind of a makeup studio and lounge area. Ive been buying decor for that space, and its been fun.


I feel most confident when … Im prepared and excited and passionate about what Im doing. 

Restaurant I cant get enough of is … The Northside Social. Its a southern cuisine restaurant located in Broad Ripple, and its amazing. 

Cocktail I like to whip up for any occasion is … any kind of sour. I love whisky sours but I tend to spruce them up with some interesting flavors, like elderflowers. 

Last TV show I binged was … Daredevil. Its kind of old but I hadnt watched it, so I went back and binged three seasons. 

My staple pantry items are … smoked paprika, kosher salt, and good salted butter. 

Go-to host gift when Im invited over is … a bottle of wine. You cant go wrong with a good bottle of wine. 

You cant go wrong with a good bottle of wine. 

My favorite wine is… riesling. Brand-wise, I can’t say that I have a favorite. 

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