Your May 2020 Horoscopes with the Spellsisters

What’s in store for you this month? Let the stars be your guide.
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Welcome to the second edition of our astrology column coming at you on the first Thursday of every month by way of Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell, better known around Indy as the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.


May looks like it’s going to be a month of shifting sands and reformation. We have three planets (count ‘em—three!) going retrograde this month, which will essentially halt the proceedings on all life events connected to love, relationships, money, and security. It sounds worse than it is, promise. If you’ve been going in the wrong direction of your dreams, this is going to course-correct you and allow you the space to fix what’s not steady. It’s like the proverbial training wheels have been taken off your life and revealed your weak spots. You’re standing alone and that will likely feel freeing—but also scary. 

With the full moon in Scorpio on May 7, an emotional battle reaches its culmination and gives you the courage to move on. Mercury changes signs into Gemini around the same time, giving you the quick-witted sorcery to outsmart your circumstances and find a workaround. Events speed up cosmically after the 14th, when Mars connects with the North Node to set a chain reaction in motion that gives you a deeper sense that everything might just happen for a reason (as limited as that mindset can be). You’re willing to admit that arguably, most flowers prefer to bloom out of manure. 

You’ll be cleaning up your act (and your emails, probs) toward the end of the month, as the new moon in Gemini on the 22nd clears the air and tests your mettle. Because this new moon is connected to Saturn, you’re going to experience a rapid maturation of an idea that’s starting to grow legs. This may just be at its beginning phases, but it’s picking up steam and a small, steady effort will have profound results. As the month ends, Mars connects to Uranus, the planet of surprises, and presents you with a radical alternative to the status quo. Can you rethink how your job will look forever? Redefine the process you’ve used to get things done? Revamp your relationship? All this and more is available to you during this month of retrogrades. You’re defining a new normal and setting yourself free from monotony.


Your birthday month has you regaining control over your life and showcasing your intelligence. Finally, you’re being revealed as the brains behind a project and the MVP when the shit really hits the fan. A natural nurturer, this month you’re taking a tough love approach instead and adopting a stiff (aka stubborn…sorry, Taurus babe) upper lip to manage down a needy friend’s expectations of you. The full moon at the beginning of the month highlights your house of partnership and with your ruling sign Venus gone full-tilt retrograde, you’re defining who you are in your most intimate relationships and cutting out those who drain you. You’re not content with going along to get along anymore and you’re ready to assert your authority over a tired dynamic. With Uranus in your sign making moves to Mars, there’s likely to be a delightful b-day surprise that hacks your normal routine to pieces: A little off-roading adventure might be in order. Toward the end of the month, expect to have an emotional conversation that eradicates your worst fears about yourself: Yes, you are loved and yes, you are safe. 

Famous Taurus: Audrey Hepburn

Local Taurus: Rachel Schwebach, fabulous photographer at Schwebach Photography 


Gemini (May 21-June 20)

It’s a lil’ dramatic out there in the fray and in May, expect to get real friendly with everyone’s dirty laundry. You’re a natural listener and excellent communicator, but events are picking up as Mercury moves into your sign mid-month and it can be hard to keep all your to-do lists, shopping lists…podcasts, books… straight. A scattered mind and living space might make keeping all your responsibilities straight a feat of its own, so consider decluttering your life and streamlining your routine. Toward the end of the month, the new moon in your sign encourages you to step outside your comfort zone and reinvent yourself. Has losing connection with the outside world started to make you doubt yourself? You’re so much more than your social media suggests, and you’re starting to tell the deeper story. 

Famous Gemini: Johnny Depp 

Local Gemini: Jessie Harden, co-founder of Garden Table on Mass Ave/Broad Ripple 

Garden Table, 342 Massachusetts Ave #100,

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

May kicks off with a full moon in your fifth house of fun and frolic—and you’re hard-pressed to have some fun as things heat up outside. You’re ready for some stimulation and you’ll get plenty of it as multiple planetary connections drive you to carve out some me-time and sneak some good old-fashioned bad-girl behavior into the mix. Maybe it’s time to DM your coworker during a Zoom call or have a wined-out virtual book club with the ladies and really drop the facade of adulting. It’s calm under the wave at the end of May, as you slip into an introspective mood and hide away in a warm bath, fav chair, or even a pillow fort sleep sesh and really feel your feels. It’s high time for you to get some quiet, and even if that sounds totally boresville, we’re sure this time tucked away after all this busy-ness will be the restorative R&R you’ll be craving. 

Famous Cancer: Ariane Grande 

Local Cancer: Liz Foster, manager of Milktooth in Fountain Square

Milktooth, 534 Virginia Ave,


Big sweeping changes are popping up in your life like happy little trees in a Bob Ross painting. You are ready for more this month and craving intensity as much as you’re craving security, with the full moon waxing poetic in your insular fourth house of home. For someone who prefers things to stay the same, you are feeling the urge to make a commitment that might really turn things upside down and open up your world. Maybe you’re ready to sign a contract, new job offer, make a relationship solid—whatever it is, you’re realizing it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and do what you said you always wanted to do. Toward mid to late May, you’ll notice a lightening up of what might have started a lil’ moody—you’re seeing the world electric and noticing that anything can happen when you’re patient and dream the big dream. 

Famous Leo: Barack Obama 

Local Leo: Leslie Dolin, owner of Monon Coffee Company in Broad Ripple

Monon Coffee Company, 920 E Westfield Blvd.,

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

This is a month of slow, steady effort. You’re focused on growing an idea that you’ve already put a lot of work into. With the full moon falling in your third house of communication, you’re likely to receive a pretty jarring message from a friend or family member that solidifies what your highly intuitive soul was already thinking was going on. Because you’re sensitive to what they might be going through, you’re tempted to play therapist this month, but it’s important for you to strengthen your boundaries and invest in yourself first. Toward late May, you find a mentor of sorts, someone who can show you an easier way to realize your goals and carry you onward and upward. You can trust that this person has your best interests at heart and this might end up being a two-way street. 

Famous Virgo: Cameron Diaz 

Local Virgo: Bunny Beaumont, burlesque dancer of the Rocket Doll Revue at White Rabbit Cabaret

White Rabbit Cabaret, 1116 Prospect St, Indianapolis,


It’s your time to shine, Libra. There are so many planets on your side right now and the stars have aligned this month to bring a boost to your finances and self-worth. The full moon this week will bring a source of income that arrives in the nick of time. It’s possible this gift will be a direct result of some serious legwork that you pulled in the past few weeks to secure the bag. With heavy air sign energy meshing perfectly with your vibe, expect to feel, look, and speak your best—thoughts become things right now. You’re calling in and manifesting what seemed like a long shot and you’ll start to see evidence of all your wins in the coming weeks. By late May, you’re getting bored with your current reality and need a hard reset. It’s time to expand and learn a new skill, and maybe do an at-home Eat Pray Love. You’re finding respite from all that has changed by mentally removing yourself from what has leveled you.

Famous Libra: Kim Kardashian

Local Libra: Lyndsie Lawrence, bartender at Duke’s Indy on the Southside

Duke’s Indy, 2352 S West St.,

Scorpio (October 23-November 22)

This month’s early full moon is in your sign, giving you a renewed sense of self. It’s like you suddenly remember who the eff you are, and you’re feeling like a million bucks back in your zone. Honestly, we’re not gonna sugarcoat it: You’ve probably been having a rough go of it the past few months, and even if you’re cozying up to isolation now, it was especially tough for you, Scorp, babe. Now that you’re hitting your stride, you’re turning over parts of yourself that were either neglected or long forgotten. This month, you’ll be feeling sentimental and totally in tune with your instincts. Your words of wisdom are like a soothing balm for everyone around you, but someone in your sphere is getting rare extra special attention from you this month. IDK, maybe it’s time to take something to the next level? Romantic relationships are especially blessed this month for you. Shoot your shot. 

Famous Scorpio: Bob Ross 

Local Scorpio: Mary Herrera, owner of Era Pilates in Fountain Square

Era Pilates, 1225 Prospect St Unit A,

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

May is triggering a major reset for you, Sadge. We predict that you’re going to get a huge life upgrade by the time the new moon comes around on the 22nd. It feels like it’s been a long time coming, but by now you know you’ve got to go through the full cycle to make sure you don’t repeat mistakes. You could find yourself overhauling some of your closest relationships and reevaluating how you show up in the world. Not all overhauls herald endings, but the full moon this week hits your seventh house of relationships, stirring up some intense conversations and potentially inspiring you to cut something off that isn’t working anymore. Trust that you will reach a resolution one way or another and feel renewed by the new moon. These feel like very big changes, but fret not: you’ve been training for this for the last several months, and you’ll be relieved to drop the façade.

Famous Sagittarius: Tyra Banks 

Local Sagittarius: Emily Sanders, co-owner of Blooms by Wildwood in Fountain Square

Blooms by Wildwood, 1020 Virginia Ave.,

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Wow, surprising literally no one, you’re going to be heavily focused on the future in May. You’re inspired to judge the practicality and longevity of your hopes and dreams right now. Around the full moon, you might notice that something you’ve been building toward no longer matters to you at all. It might be shocking, but don’t worry; it’s also a relief. These are unprecedented times, and you don’t have to follow through on everything. By the time the new moon hits your sixth house of health and habits, a goal you set earlier this year will come to fruition. Maybe you set out to run a marathon, or perhaps you’ve put yourself out there in a new way at work—in any case, you’ll be feeling a huge sense of accomplishment by the end of this month.

Famous Capricorn: LeBron James 

Local Capricorn: Carrie Keel, co-founder of Low Pone, Minor Sweat, Sweet Hussy, and BUZZ/Cut Queer Music Festival

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Don’t look now or make eye contact, but you are kind of catching the eye of someone who can have an important impact on your career. Your playful approach to life is giving you a creative boost this month that’s somehow contributing to your finances. It’s your inherent ability to be scrappy and figure it out without guidance that’s dazzling and attracting the right audience, and the way you express yourself is causing your reputation to take off in a super unpredictable way. At the full moon in your career sector, you’ll receive attention from higher-ups simply by being yourself. You’re fun and quirky and people need that right now—who knows, maybe you’re suddenly TikTok famous. Whatever happens will be a shock to your friends, but not to you…you’ve always known you had this in you.

Famous Aquarius: Oprah Winfrey 

Local Aquarius: Josh Gonzales, owner of Thunderbird in Fountain Square

Thunderbird, 1127 Shelby St.,

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Pisces, you’re so ethereal this month that it’s like you just straight-up astral project without even knowing or trying. The full moon shines on your ninth house, highlighting travel and cultural learning, so you’re going to be getting really creative when it comes to entertaining yourself. Think: virtual museum tours, learning a new language, studying a spiritual topic, etc. Our advice: Choose to focus on something that’s super off-brand for you. This week’s full moon has you feeling stir crazy, but ultimately being hunkered down this month is perfect for you. You would seriously benefit by carving out some time this month to study something about another culture. By the new moon later this month, you could have a completely new routine to help you feel like you’re transported to far off lands from the comfort of your home.

Famous Pisces: Drew Barrymore

Local Pisces: Frances Samarripa, owner/creator of Line + Form Atelier near Old Northside

Line + Form Atelier, 902 E. 17th St.,

Aries (March 21-April 19)

You’re way out of your comfort zone this month, and you’re running at all time hot-and-cold levels. Isolating with a partner has you about thisclose to flipping a table from your lack of alone time. On the other hand, if you’re flying solo, you’re about to burst from the lack of intimacy. The full moon early this month shines on your eighth house of intimacy, causing intense tension to bubble, so clear your head before making big decisions. Your usual turn-ons are turn-offs right now, but don’t shut people out impulsively; you’ll change your mind right back in a few days. These are challenging times for all, but this month is especially testing you, Aries. Is it possible that you’re overreacting or overthinking an intimacy issue? Get out of your head and get into your body; just do what feels good! The intensity boiling over the first half of the month will inspire a big new idea by the new moon if you can channel that energy. Super specific but needs to be said: Consider bouncing ideas off a sibling around the time of the new moon.

Famous Aries: Steve McQueen

Local Aries: Kate Franzman, owner of Bee Public and beekeeper/farmer at Public Greens in Broad Ripple

Photo by Schwebach Photography.

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