Artist Myra Greene’s Exhibit at CityWay Gallery

Her show at the CityWay Gallery is supposed to run through June—so why not learn about her work now while you’re stuck at home?

Your visit to see Atlanta-based artist Myra Greene’s Indianapolis debut may be a bit delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic—but we can bring you a virtual taste. It’s slated to run through June, so there may well be a chance for you to see her art in person—but even if you can’t, she’s definitely an artist to watch. Her show Tone at the CityWay Gallery, presented by Indianapolis Contemporary, features two new bodies of work. Mixed and Piecework are both explorations of color and culture through dyed and silkscreened textiles.

While you may not be able to see Greene’s work in person at the moment, you can check out her Instagram feed and her website:

Tone by Myra Greene is supposed to be on display in the CityWay Gallery until June 7 and we all hope to go see it once the world gets back to something resembling normal.

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