Your October 2020 Horoscopes with the Spellsisters

Listen, everything is uncertain right now—but we’ll still be looking to the stars for some guidance.
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Welcome to the our monthly astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell, better known around Indy as the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.


October—the wildest of all the months in liminal 2020—is already upon us and we have TWO full moons (remember that lore about “once in a blue moon”…this is what they were talking about), one on HALLOWEEN of all days. It’s kind of like a movie, but think more heavy period drama than cute, cinematic confection. Even with the magical powers that a blue moon bestows upon us, this month brings a direct hit to your defenses with stressful angles from Saturn and Pluto and Mercury retrograde’s confusing climate of miscommunication. Shit is getting real this month—but we like real, Mavens. We like to know what’s lurking and expose the truth. The beneficial beams from Neptune and Venus will kindly serve to buff out the hard edges of reality. You’ll be surprised by unexpected kindnesses and timely breaks from the universe just when you’re starting to worry.

The beginning of the month is a tense but potentially powerful time, thanks to a full moon in Mars’ ruling sign Aries right off the bat on October 1st. The first full moon arrives with intensity and a hint of irritation as multiple astrological configurations from Mars serve to instigate difficult but essential arguments throughout the first week of the month. Something important in your life is coming to an end or finally culminating in the weeks that follow and it may feel like it’s developing a little too quickly even though you’ll be happy it’s finally over. Pluto in retrograde motion has left you sleepy and under-motivated over the past few months, but on October 4th he enters direct motion and gives you back your confidence and drive. This may be just the time to take the lead on an important project or fight for the salary you want in your work life. You’re finally feeling like you’re inhabiting your skin again–like that bad bitch back in the saddle. From October 6th until mid-month, Mars will be making tense angles to Pluto, encouraging you to clean out your inner closet and let it go. This “letting go” phase will bring a rapid expansion that will require a lot of *space* in your life to allow new people, projects, or items to flow in. Luckily, a beneficial link between Jupiter and Neptune throughout most of the month puts you in the right place at the right time, even against the odds of whatever life is throwing at you.

The most troublesome days of October come October 13-15th, as difficult beams from Saturn and Mars ensure a power struggle with authority or a legal clapback. The reality check has arrived and maybe given you a bit of a run for your money. Mercury enters its retrograde period on October 14th, ensuring crossed wires and missteps in the weeks to follow. As Mercury rules electronics, transportation, and communication, you may encounter issues with these items or mixed messages at this time. Expect delays on mail and avoid signing contracts, since the terms may need to be altered later once communication is clearer. Amidst the frazzled vibes, you’ll have a new moon in sweet Libra on October 16th, creating wholesome changes–possibly against your will. New moons are typically lighter and cooler than full moons, but the extreme angles from Saturn and Pluto (astrological toughies) will be forcing toxic and addictive connections out of your hands. Current vibes: “HEY, I liked that 3rd bowl of ice cream!” or “Excuse me, I was kinda enjoying the drama of that toxic workplace!” You’re resetting yourself in relationship to others at this time and with that comes a huge moulting of all codependent, people-pleasing instincts and affinity for low-vibe preoccupations. With Jupiter delightfully angled during this time, expect mountains to become molehills and for you to feel multitudes better without those demonic influences messing with your mojo.

October ends with a whimper, as you softly enter Scorpio season on October 22: a magical time where secrets unearth themselves and the veil to the spiritual world is thin. Although Mercury will still be retrograde until November 3rd, you will feel calm and collected as you carefully realign your circumstances to meet the inner you. Crises forced you to set your limits earlier in the month, and you’ll be ready to reap the rewards of fewer interruptions, emergency texts, or aggressive requests for your time or attention. With Venus making delightful beams to the typically behemoth outer planets, there is a cozy, muted tone as you spend time reflecting and settling down after all the changes and conflict stirred up in early October. Although you may feel the urge to overspend, many blessings requiring no exchange of money will appear in your life as if the apologetic Universe is sending flowers after a bad spat.

The full blue moon in Taurus on Halloween brings a happy but strange surprise that may force you to upend your plans to follow the seed of romance or adventure. Fitting with this blue moon, there is a sparkly, impish quality to the changes that come up at this time, so don’t fret if circumstances look like they’re going sideways. As a nod from Scorpio season, October ends with you betwixt and between your old life and the new as the scurf is washed away.


It’s your birthday, sweet Libra! And we’re all super grateful to have your effervescent personality, iconic style, and listening ability (a.k.a. free relationship counseling) in our lives. You’re feeling yourself with the new moon in your sign on October 16th and realigning your life to the Perfect Image™ that you’re always striving to create in your friendships, outfits, and LinkedIn profile. Your ambitions exceed your current situation and you’re craving to start a whole new chapter—complete with an excellent playlist and costume changes. Realizing a fantasy is possible under these astrological influences and with two full moons, you may have multiple personal goals reaching culmination at once, particularly in terms of a significant relationship in your life and a financial loan or mortgage. The new moon may open you up to a new investment in your personal brand and a simultaneous ego-boost, as others take note of your brilliant ideas and you’re feeling flushed with confidence.

Even amid the excitement, there’s something about the latter part of this month that has you wondering if something messy is bubbling darkly beneath the surface. Correct: it is, and you’re about to get acquainted with your dark side–the envious or bitter person who maybe doesn’t always want the best for everyone. This is part of the “realness” of October and by month’s end, you’re going to be more capable of compassion and more understanding of the inner land mines that trap you. You excel at bringing harmony and beauty into all situations that involve you, but this month you might be challenged to spark a little controversy and admit your darker feelings.

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As luck would have it, the month starts with a bang for you. You love it here in spooky season, and you’re feeling optimistic and wholesomely, lawful good. Don’t worry. We know this is a little odd for you, but it’ll pass quickly. You can thank the full moon in Aries on the first for your burst of good nature. Be careful to check your fear and try not to spiral around the election—you may have a tendency to do this, and since Mercury will be retrograde from mid-October through early November, ~not spiraling~ will likely be easier said than done. It’s important for you to remember during this time the influence you have on the people around you. You are not only gifted at reading the room. You’re also skilled at changing the vibe up completely. You might feel compelled to fall back into some old habits you thought you’d clear up during this time, but don’t allow yourself to fall prey to your inner demons. You are stronger than you know, although you may have your suspicions. Keep it together, if only for the culture.


Surprising absolutely no one, you are feeling quite energetic as we move closer and closer to your season. The change in the weather inspires a lovely change to your mood that makes you feel activated and driven to tie up loose ends before the end of the year. You’re usually kind of a busy body and this month may be the same—only a little different because of COVID Times™️. Be sure you’re carving out some space for yourself in all of the hustle and bustle you’re indulging in. It’s like you’re obsessed with fall cleaning this year instead of spring cleaning, and that might include doing some tidying of relationships, your home, where you place your energy, etc. You are more attuned than ever to the energy of the people around you, making it so much easier to see when someone isn’t aligned with you. It might be hard to call it out, but it’s a huge relief when you finally let the mask fall away and show up as your raw self in all of the spaces you inhabit. Try to wait until you’ve truly properly reflected. Anything that falls away after you lay yourself bare is honestly welcome to go anyway.


And still, despite everything, despite the sense of impending doom you’re feeling, you still somehow manage to see the light. You are still able to see little pockets of good and beauty. Life manages to show you little bursts of joy despite everything. Your mission this month is to allow yourself to delight in these moments rather than dwelling only upon the darkness and fear. Because frankly, that is not worth it. It’s not worth it to go through life focused only on what’s hard or wrong. You are so practical and such a taskmaster that you sometimes feel you have to carry it all and take the world on your shoulders. Well, Atlas shrugged. You don’t have to do that. This is your permission. This month is awfully emotional for you, and you might choose to confront a betrayal that’s long been gnawing at you. If you’ve chosen to ignore it in the past, you’ll be undeniably confronted with it now. This will pass and you are strong enough. Protect yourself at all costs.


Your months of observation have set you up for a month of taking on the powerful responsibility of showing yourself as the strong leader you are. It’s your time to shine, Aquarius. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, and all you have to do now is stand when you are asked to take your position. This might not be absolutely literal for everyone, but it is likely many Aquas will find themselves in their own version of a limelight, poised to take the necessary action to drastically improve the situation at hand. To be fair, you’re likely burned out from all of the pressure to perform lately. Aquarius rules revolution and you are leading the charge right now. It’s absolutely okay (and actually advised) to give yourself time to just log off and step away for a few days. It’ll go on without you. Be careful not to take the full brunt of responsibility. You simply cannot do it all alone, and it would look awfully foolish if you tried. Give yourself a break now and then. Finally you are being met with others who are just as enthralled as you are.


You’re meeting someone this month who could change absolutely everything for you. An unexpected connection will delight and inspire you to put yourself out there in a way you aren’t necessarily used to. These past few months have been a little challenging, requiring you to draw up boundaries that felt a little uncomfortable to draw. This month, you’ll feel safe and empowered to let someone new see what’s behind the curtain. They want to understand what makes you tick because, whether romantic, platonic, or professional, they don’t just want to see you be happy and successful. They also feel compelled to help you achieve this higher version of yourself. Maybe your view of yourself hasn’t been totally accurate and this person allows you to see yourself in a new light. It’s not all thanks to them that you’re ascending, though. You have put in a lot of effort to be where you’re standing. This is just a leg up and a catalytic nudge. Just be grateful and accept the hand.


You’re going it alone and making it work this month despite immense pressure to please *EVERYONE* and keep the peace—not classic Aries activities. October will be a sea change month for you babes—you’re about to let go of a huge part of yourself that no longer serves you and honoring your deeper interests. Expect to be superrr busy, to the point where you might wonder how you’re able to keep it all magically together. You’re just skilled like that, bb Aries. Other people or circumstances may be trying to influence you and make you feel “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” go with the group. Don’t let them influence you too much: you’re transitioning from wearing multiple hats to focusing deeply on a subject you’re fascinated by but requires peace and alone time to master. This month may require you to lose a few toxic friends or situations to spare your energy.


You are feeling über tender this month, sweet Taurus. At least a little of this tenderness is due to feeling maxed out by surprise changes, fits and starts, and “off-roading” on something that you *thought* had a fixed plan. You’re kinda sick of the roller coaster and feeling a bit like the martyr of work and home: always saying yes and never saying no. This month, you’ll hit your limit and realize others are actually a lot more your bitch than the other way around. You may have made your success by being unassuming, but this Venus-ruled season is promoting you from low-maintenance lady-in-waiting to queen. There is a bittersweetness to October and a feeling of moving forward or onward from a maelstrom of frustrated action. You’re sad you’ve outgrown something, you’re going to be feeling like you’re on much more solid ground with the grand trine in earth signs supporting you and the full moon in your sign at month’s end.


You are making out like a bandit and having fun while doing it in October, dear bb Gemini. It seems you’re being asked to call someone’s bluff, fake it til’ you make it, and hobnob with the right people to make sure you secure the bag. You’re entering a time where “cowboy rules” apply: Everything is up for grabs and sold to the highest bidder, no matter the moral implications. Only the loud (and brash) will survive and you’re finding your get-up-and-go to push you into top-tier territory and take the proverbial brass ring. Not all moments of this month will be delightful, but you’ll be making quick getaways and having to act fast—thank Jove your ruler, Mercury, affords you the luxury of quickness and perspicacity. With the full moon in Aries at the beginning of the month fanning your brazenness and the new moon at month’s middle inspiring you to sweet talk the pants off whoever you’re trying to impress, expect breakthroughs and to come out on top if you can just keep talking. You might step on a few toes, but we think you’ll understand by the happy developments coming your way, why you kinda just had to.


You’re ready for action, darling Cancer, and you’re fired up to move mountains even if others aren’t ready or are trying to steer your hand. With the heavy influence from Saturn and Pluto, you may be feeling tasked with holding up the weight of the world—but not so fast! Your work is paying dividends and you’re able to sneak a way a piece of the pie at this time. With such an emphasis on finances and career, you’re likely feeling pulled to put in more hours or bend to the will of someone more demanding. You may have a toxic relationship that’s putting you out past the point where you typically feel comfortable. It’s time to establish boundaries: Where are you compromising so you can feel like you’re secure and loved? There’s a strong element of “lone wolf” vibes cutting through your situation this month, as you take back what you can of your power without alerting anyone. Sometimes being sneaky pays off and now is one of those times. Not everyone needs to see how you’re keeping your priorities and secrets close to your vest. October serves as a warning for you: let others borrow only what you’re comfortable losing. The Harvest moon on October 1 may make it clear who you can and cannot trust.


Lady Leo, there’s a strong force in you this month and it’s urging you to put on the invisible crown you always knew you had. October is your victory lap of 2020 and you might be surprised to discover unexpected changes making plans a reality. You’re assuming the best of people and feeling even more generous than usual. One reason: You’re sensing you’re about to inherit the best sitch EVER and want to spread the love to people with, shall we say, more common circumstances. You have a great deal of personal pull and are manifesting your dreams without needing to put in a lot of real, physical labor in October. You dream it and it comes; you believe it and they believe you. Your usual fiery brand of toughness is tempered by a willingness to stay humble this month with Venus in Virgo pushing on your psychic cracks. This works in your favor, making other people believe in you but sensing that you’re not a megalomaniac with designs on power—you’re just the best person for the job. Even with the tense beams from Uranus to your sign on Oct 31st, you can use the astro influences as something to rebel against. You’re feeling inspired and ALIVE as the decadent drama unfolds with you as the heroine.


You’re exhausted but happy. You’re inspired but irritated. You’re overwhelmed but fulfilled. It’s a little like Alanis said—except it’s not ironic, it’s your real-life version of perfection. This is a big month where you will be tasked with more lists of things to do than ever, yet feeling like you’re actually the only adult in the room (a rarity for your self-conscious and humble sign). October shows you waiting for something to change and then just deciding to do it yourself whilst keeping your head down. You’re realizing you have a lot more agency than you thought and you’ve gained a healthy body of experience, even if your impostor syndrome has been rampant lately. Others are depending on you because you actually have the answers this month. Expect to explore the unknown with a map to guide you. You may take on a new creative project or a relationship that makes you feel a little out of your element. That’s okay and it’s actually kinda fun for you right now to concentrate on hobbies, crafts, and you body. You are supported by the universe in taking risks, flirting, and all manner of break-taking from the hard work of life in October. The moons this month will usher in an appreciation of your dark, unconscious side as you integrate a part of yourself you’ve long sworn wasn’t your “thing.”

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