Pursue Your Passions Panelists: Workshops

These women will give you tips, techniques, and tools to put what you've learned into practice.
Pursue Your Passions

Are you ready to find your passion and practice it? These women will lead you through interactive workshops that will help you do just that. From meditation to turning your passion into profit, these workshops will give you techniques to put your new knowledge to good use.

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Jessica Gershman, Founder of Self Love Collective

Jessica is a yoga teacher, culinary savant, overcomer, mom (of four) on a mission to reframe the idea of what a “good mom” looks like.  Raised by passionate foodies, she was shown the power of food, movement, and quality family time from a young age.

However, teaching yoga for years unveiled the truth;  most women feel too overwhelmed to honor their minds, bodies, and passions.  As a mom of 4 and having overcome eating disorders, she is living proof that you can finally slow down and accept who you are. 

The Self Love Collective is an online gathering and library of tools for moms seeking balance, nourishment, and (yes) a glass of wine after long days.  Jessica shares yoga, fitness, meditation, mindfulness, cooking, wine and so much more on her site.  She is also the voice behind the “Mom Slow Down” podcast and creator of the YouTube Channel, Self Love Collective.  You can find her whipping up new recipes in the kitchen, meditating with her kids, or teaching out of her home studio!

Three things she’s passionate about

I am passionate about food especially gluten and dairy free— because it is fuel for our body, and a joyful experience shared between family and friends — and we all have food preferences/ allergies/ intolerances these days! 

I love moving my body, whether it is in my studio, on a Zoom class, or on the tennis court – I haven’t met a movement that I didn’t love! I would try just about anything.

I love entertaining (or used to love it! ) and I can’t wait to share my table again! Sharing food and experiences is how I show love!

Tanorria Askew, Personal Chef, Creative Entrepreneur, Social Justice Activist

Tanorria Askew is a passionate home cook turned Chef.  Tanorria works as a personal chef, creative entrepreneur, and social justice activist.  Her work amplifies the intersection of food and social justice.  A 2016 contestant on MasterChef hosted by Gordon Ramsay, Tanorria walked away as the 4th best home cook in America and the crown for the best shrimp and grits Gordon Ramsay has ever had.

Tanorria was the champion and practitioner for Indiana’s largest credit union’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, leading the charge in winning the Indianapolis Mayor’s Celebration of Diversity Award.  Since launching her creative entrepreneur career, Tanorria has had the privilege of speaking to audiences as a Keynote speaker, Emcee, and Panelist about her significant career shift, diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, and the courage it takes to chase dreams.

Tanorria not only teaches cooking and anti-racism through virtual learning opportunities and speaking engagements.  She also co-hosts a podcast, Black Girls Eating, where she and Candace of FoodLoveTog celebrate black culture, justice, black girl magic, and well-seasoned food.

A seat at Tanorria’s Table will nourish your body with food and your soul with justice

Three things she’s passionate about

I am passionate about butter.  Butter is the greatest ingredient on earth.  It’s absolute perfection when browned and expensive butter is a form of self-care.

I am passionate about amplifying black voices because black lives matter, and black people are the dopest, most brilliant, most resilient people on this planet.

I am passionate about creating the life of my dreams and living it because for far too long I lived, breathed, ate, and slept everything that everyone else wanted me to do.

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Candace Boyd Wylie, Chief Food & Spice Slanger of The FoodLoveTog

Candace Boyd is an Indy born and bred native. She is the Chief foodie and Spice slanger behind The FoodLoveTog.

In 2013 Candace started Foodlovetog as a food creative space which ranges from blogging, food education, event hosting to on-air work.

You’ll find recipes, cooking tips, food education, foodie events, and laughs as well as great connections. She’s pro-Black, pro-woman, pro-love. Sharing her love of cooking and leaving no dish unseasoned is what she’s all about. Find her in community with Indy Women in Food as the DiverseCity Moderator and Community Engagement Lead, as Co-host of Black Girls Eating, The Podcast, Board member of, Growing Places Indy, and Huntington Alumni or seasoning the masses with her handcrafted spice line.

Three things she’s passionate about

I’m passionate about connecting with people over great food, usually I do this by supporting families and communities by getting them comfortable in the kitchen.

I have a strong love for coffee ice cream and 90’s television, Living Single was the blueprint for Friends and that is a hill I’ll die on.

Lastly, I have a strong love for women all that we are, any way that I can support, engage and uplift them, I can. Where the women are, there is magic.

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Andrea Liebross, Business Life Coach

Andrea coaches women to commit to their own personal and professional growth forever. By overcoming overwhelm and creating success, her clients move forward, make money AND manage life. Through her proven five step process, she guides women to find clarity and confidence, manage their mind and manage their time. With strategies, systems and support, Andrea drives her clients to be
creators of their own futures; “thinking on purpose” is the key to get to the next level.

Women get excited about the potential they have within. Andrea equips them with the tools they need to create a plan. But more importantly, she guides them to turn what might appear as obstacles into opportunities, so that they can grow and live with unapologetic ambition. Life and business should be simple, doable and FUN!

A graduate of Dartmouth College, and married 24 years, Andrea has been on an epic journey with her spouse, family and career. She is a certified coach, has started 3 businesses and raised 2 kids, now ages 19 and 17. She lives with her family and two Leonberger dogs in Carmel, Indiana, but she is a Bostonian at heart.

Three things she’s passionate about

I am passionate about helping women succeed at home and win at work, and do it all with unapologetic ambition. I often see women succumbing to one aspect of their life, and neglecting the others. There is no reason why we can’t live in a “and” world vs and “or” world. It’s not one or the other; it’s both. And we don’t have to apologize for it.

I am passionate about my own health and wellness. If I am not the best version of myself, I am doing all of those around me a disservice. Prioritizing what I eat, when/how I exercise, sleep, and function above all else, is the key to success. And laughing along the way is an added bonus.

I am passionate about making everything simple, doable and fun. If it’s not, then it’s a NO for me. Life is too short to not have fun, and to not make things easy or manageable. Life is a challenge – so let’s make it enjoyable along the way.

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Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO & Co-Founder of Casted

Lindsay Tjepkema is the CEO and co-founder of Casted, the first and only amplified marketing platform and only B2B podcasting solution. With more than 15 years of experience in B2B marketing, she’s a dynamic leader who’s had tremendous success building and growing marketing teams on a local and global level.

After launching a podcast for a global martech SaaS enterprise, Lindsay saw the tremendous opportunity for brands in podcasting, as well as a huge void in the tech landscape with the lack of software to support marketing teams in leveraging these shows as part of their content marketing efforts. This led her to start Casted to help marketers unlock the full potential of their content by harnessing the power of podcasting. The company has since gained rapid traction among brands that wish to create greater connection with their audiences through authentic conversation.

Today, with Casted, marketers can access, amplify, and attribute their brand podcasts while engaging their audience, increasing sales alignment, and quantifying podcast value with metrics that matter. Learn more at casted.us and engage with Lindsay on Twitter @CastedLindsay

Three things she’s passionate about

My mantra “Boldly Be Yourself”. It found me a few years ago when I was finally DONE with trying to be who everyone else needed or wanted me to be and just embraced who I truly am. Since then, I’ve been happier, more grounded, and so much more confident in all areas of my life. I highly recommend it.

Learning. I am a knowledge junkie. I can’t get enough books, podcasts, talks, conversations with smart people… I absolutely love learning, which has proven to be helpful in my role as a first-time CEO and founder. I spend the vast majority of my days learning and trying new things.

Authentic conversations. If you know anything about Casted, you know that’s what the company is built upon. Conversations breed connection. And whether you’re leading a brand strategy or speaking with friends, that’s the most important thing.

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Follow her on  Twitter and LinkedIn, or check out her website here.

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