Your September 2020 Horoscopes with the Spellsisters

Listen, everything is uncertain right now—but we’ll still be looking to the stars for some guidance.
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Welcome to the our monthly astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell, better known around Indy as the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.


We have officially entered Virgo season, Mavens, and with that transition comes a strong focus on habits and work/life balance. Not everything can be your priority (it’s, like, physically impossible) but this month you’re learning the routines and rituals that will navigate you through life on autopilot so you can carefully attend to all the big deal stuff you really care about.

This month starts with a pop as the tender full moon in Pisces on Sept. 2 makes a delightful angle to Uranus, the planet of surprises. Get ready for big, happy changes to unfold that spark a sense that everything is coming together at once, albeit a little haphazardly. With Venus in a charming entanglement with Mercury and Mars, you could make major strides on a project that you’ve been working on that’s felt like your baby, or you may notice a relationship or infatuation suddenly become much more dreamy and romantic, seemingly out of nowhere (yes, please). The beginning of the month is a vulnerable time where you may notice you’re more overwhelmed by emotion and getting stuck in old feels. The boundaries are being blurred between yourself and others, so make sure you keep a tight leash on your compassion muscle, lest you get taken advantage of by any sad stories. 

At mid-month, beneficial beams from Jupiter and Pluto carry us forward in style. Inspiration strikes Sept. 9-12, as crazy ideas that might just work rain down from above. Your active imagination may result in a few mixed messages, as your rose-colored glasses could make you misread situations as being better than they are and get confused when others aren’t on the same page. Positive thinking is typically a good thing, but you may bite off more than you can chew if you’re not careful to give yourself a reality check. Jupiter, the planet of gifts and luck travels back into direct motion from Sept. 12th onward, blessing your life with welcome detours and divine providence whenever things get heavy. Plans are back on track, boxes are checked, fate is intervening *positively* for once and setting you up for success. A harmonious angle from Pluto from Sept. 14-15 attracts a renewed sense of personal power as your financial health gets an upgrade. You should be feeling abundant at mid-month: with Venus linked up to Uranus at the same time, you’re perfectly poised to take advantage of sudden, fall-in-your-lap opportunities to make money or find love. 

Although most of this month is about setting boundaries and welcoming positive changes, there’s just something a little tense about the end of September. With the New Moon in Virgo on Sept. 17th, your nose is to the grindstone and you’re ready to get back to work. You may feel pressure to tackle all your problems with a wrecking ball, clearing the air for more simple and wholesome endeavors. New Moons offer a gorgeous clean slate, but with Saturn and Pluto involved (the bad daddies of the Zodiac), you might feel like you just killed a fly with a blowtorch. With Mercury in aggressive contact with Pluto, perfectionism and Obsession-lite™ with your work may overtake you and create some heated discussions (and/or threats) to leave a situation or cut someone off. Luckily with the Sun entering Libra, the sign of balance and beauty, on Sept. 21st, much of the outside tension dissolves, even as new responsibilities reveal themselves. You’ll be ready to talk things over with diplomacy and focus on win-win situations. 

In the last week of September, a stand-off between Mars and Saturn has you at your wit’s end, causing frustration with a work or family matter that’s been going on for a while. Reader, this is actually a good thing, we promise. It’s time to tackle any toxic situations you’ve been avoiding and letting fester. You may feel pushed to finally have that last-ditch effort talk (with bags fully packed) and start looking for your getaway car. Just like a rabbit always has two exits from its den, the end of this month has you pooling the resources you’ve gained by mid-month and preparing an escape plan in case you have to bail.


Did you hear that? Was that the bell ringing? Push up your glasses and get to business, Virgo. Your birthday month will bring a pleasurable mix of work and play. ~IF I’M GOING TO SIN, IT’S WITH YOU~ vibes.

At the beginning of this month, the full moon has you starting to trust your instincts again and maybe even getting the feeling that your dreams are trying to tell you something. Hint: they are…pay attention. You’re starting to feel your way through life instead of just plan, plan, plan. Summer has given you the chance to loosen up and maybe even come a bit unraveled. Take this opportunity and use the beautiful planetary angles to knit yourself up again, but how you like it, not your parents, partner, or boss. Mid-month has you glowing and growing, as your razor-sharp wit gets even more incisive with the new moon in your sign. You see what’s wrong in your life and now you finally know what you need to say and do to change it and erase it. You’re going to be having fun and tackling your to-do list at the same time.

The idea of a clean slate probably appeals to a neatnik like you, and it’s going to be a relief to get everything back into its box and compartmentalize the feelings that may have been all over the place last month during Leo season. You’re feeling in control and ready for action, but oddly very relaxed. By month’s end, you take on the role of the gorgeous David to a bargain-basement Goliath. The unlikely hero in you steps up to the plate to demand respect and protect others who can’t speak up for themselves. This month is about taking back your power and learning to trust your intuition. You’re not just a know-it-all; you may actually find you really do somehow know it all on some level during your birthday season. 

Famous Virgo: Jada Pinkett Smith

Local Virgo: Desiree De Carlo, burlesque dancer in the Rocket Doll Revue and host of “Let’s Make a Date” at White Rabbit Cabaret

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The sun starts out in your 12th house of mystery (secrets, dreams, “the unseen”), making you feel tuned in, tapped in, and magical AF. Trust in that spark of knowing what can be explained. If you know you need to take a move in an odd direction, but it doesn’t make any sense, trust that your gut is leading you to the right path. The full moon at the beginning of the month inspires action and suddenly all of the bad habits you’ve developed over the last few months will feel useless and fall away. Following that intuitive niggling feeling will make so much sense when the 12th rolls around and Jupiter goes direct. A lucky streak is headed your way with the new moon mid-month, but honestly, only if you take the risks that feel right and let old habits die hard.


Okay, hang on. This is awkward, but it seems like this month, sex is in the spotlight for you. You’re not used to being hung up or insecure about expressing your sensuality but in September, you might encounter some timidity or rigidity. You’ve been working hard on accepting change throughout Corona Season™, and this might be the biggest one for you yet. Mars retrograde will heavily affect you, but you can’t do anything about it right now. Let it ride. You’ve been a little withdrawn socially recently, and it’s serving you well, especially as you grapple with some challenges about how you express yourself. Your connection with your inner self has strengthened; allow that to be the way you express yourself and know that this time will pass so quickly.


Planets are aligning to upgrade you this month! You’re stepping into your power and accepting leadership as your birthright. It’s time for you to receive a promotion, literal or figurative, and stop playing small. The first half of this year was really tender for you and for the past few months, emotions have been running high. Your heart has been broken by the world several times this year, and you need to let yourself feel your f*cking feelings. That’s the key to your leveling up. Give yourself a pass, sometimes, bb. It’s not your favorite to be vulnerable and expose your soft, pink underbelly, but it’s what makes you human. Lift your chin, pull your shoulders back, and speak with conviction. Make us proud.


Your focus this month is more on your people and less on your Self. September will be a month of ambition and learning for you, and everything starts to come together harmoniously with Mercury in your 10th house of reputation. You know who is wasting your time and who isn’t; your focus is showing, and the right people are starting to notice it. When you do something to help other people, pay less attention to what it does for you and more on how it makes you feel to do good deeds. You are electric right now, and emotions are running high, so even when you’re doing good, check your motivations and try to lay low without drawing too much attention to yourself. The right things won’t go unnoticed, and this ensures that any missteps stay quiet. 


Virgo season will bring some much needed balance to your interpersonal relationships and how you show up in them. You’ve likely been neglecting considering how you interact with your closest kindred, but this month, relationships are front and center. Mars retrogrades in Aries starting early this month, inspiring you to reconsider how you assert and express yourself. Be sure to dull your knives before throwing them out. We have a tendency to be way too blunt, fellow Aquas, and our honesty can come off as harshness to others—it’s likely you’ll feel better equipped to articulate your needs and emotions, but others are almost certainly struggling with the same thing. Confrontation, while it may be freeing to you, will strike a nerve with everyone else.


This month has so many auspicious days for you, Pisces. The sun in Virgo is moving through your seventh house of relationships this month, and when the new moon also stops in the same house, you’re going to be feeling particularly blessed. Your charm is heightened throughout the month, attracting bees like fresh blooms. If you’re single, a new love interest could suddenly strike your fancy mid-month. If you’re in a relationship, expect it to deepen even further! This is all likely due to the fact that at the beginning of the month, the full moon is in Pisces, providing crystal clarity to your deepest desires, suddenly clearing the quickest path forward to them. September brings the opportunity for transformation and expansion.


Quit pretending you are okay with situations that you aren’t okay with. Quit forcing yourself to rest in apathy. The past few months have been idle, and it’s time to dust yourself off and reconsider your ambitions. You could be called many things, but lazy is not one of them. Mars, the planet of aggression, goes retrograde in your sign this month, from Sept. 9 through Nov. 13. While this will affect everyone universally, it’ll hit you harder because, as an Aries, Mars, is your ruling planet. You are rarely scared to face confrontation, but this month, you might start to notice where you’ve let yourself slip into passivity; this isn’t like you. You’re waking up to what you really want in September. The full moon in Pisces on the 2nd will bring hidden emotions to light, and the mid-month new moon will give you an idea of what to do about them.


August was a month of expertly navigating self control, but September will be filled with earthly delights. Virgo season is spotlighting your fifth house of fun and playfulness. You’re going to experience a special closeness with someone or something that makes you feel full of joy and inspiration; this could come in the form of creative projects, supremely fulfilling relationships (old and new alike), or even children. Regardless, you’ll delight in childlike awe that inspires you to express yourself publicly. Mars retrograde, starting the 9th, could slow you down, but you won’t mind. Reflective states still allow for expansion. Lots of things seem to be happening all at once, but it’s all flowing in the right direction.


You kinda hate it when summer starts to wind down, Gem. Change is really hard for you, especially when it doesn’t happen as fast as you want it to. Unfortunately, you can’t force it, especially with Mars retrograde. But still, you’ll be able to recognize the beauty in everything as the synchronicity of all the people you’re around reveal that all the places you’re in are the right ones. The way you show up in these situations is changing pretty heavily, causing some friction between your inner and outer worlds. It’s confusing to recognize that what you need now isn’t what you needed a few weeks ago. Lean on your family, chosen or blood, to remind you of who you really are and show you your goodness.


Through the beginning of the month, you are blessed with appreciation for all of the chillness you’ve been enjoying the past few months, but in the second week of the month, the need for action will overpower the need for relaxation. Like waking from a luxurious sleep, you’re eagerly leaning into the dawn of a new day. Suddenly you realize how in control of your life you truly are. You already know this, but feeling good is your job, and nothing falls into your lap without effort. Throughout September, motivation and inspiration will be heightened and sharpened like a knife, providing strokes of genius and crazy insights that inspire others to give you all of the gold stars. Praise will be the fuel that drives you.


The pandemic has changed you; you’ve found new ways to amuse yourself and fulfillment has shown up in some very unsuspected places. Your generally radiant energy has felt a little dull the last few months, but this month all of that will change. Your future plans and goals are highlighted this month and they will be boosted with extra magic by the new moon on the 17th. All of the new insights you’ve been having are causing you to reconsider the direction of your life. It’s time to grow up a little, Leo. Forgive yourself and move on—everyone else has. Last month, your birthday season provided you with excuses to show your ass a little, but you’ll be cleaning up your act throughout September, holding long term goals at the forefront of your mind. 

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