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Indy Maven launched with a small but mighty team in October 2019.

We work with dozens of freelance creatives and are supported by an amazing editorial board.

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Ally Hunckler

Ally Hunckler is an Indianapolis real estate broker with a background in writing. She spent many years working as a freelance writer and content consultant prior to diving into real estate full-time. 

In addition to contributing for Indy Maven, Ally has written for other local publications like Indianapolis Monthly, PATTERN, and Kit Magazine.

When she’s not helping her clients buy and sell homes, you might find Ally hiking around Holliday Park, practicing yoga at Invoke Studio, or discovering new wines at Studio C. She loves a good book, vintage shopping, and everything bagels.

Amy Bartner

Amy Bartner

Amy Bartner is an experienced writer, editor, reporter and digital journalist. She’s currently working in tech marketing along with her work at Indy Maven. She spent nearly a decade and a half at The Indianapolis Star working in various roles. 

Her ultimate goal in life is to help foster online civility—whatever that looks like.

When she’s not screaming “can’t we just be nice?” on Facebook, she’s probably listening to garbage EDM and dancing in her Bates-Hendricks kitchen while her husband, dog and/or cat gives her weird looks.


Archana Bailey

Archana (Arch-uh-nuh) Bailey has been a contributor to Indy Maven since 2020. She is guilty of spending a little too much time talking to the Mavens she interviews because she loves human connection.  

Archana is engulfed in all that SAHM-life has to offer, but intentionally finds time for her creative growth.  Whether it’s writing for Indy Maven, styling a friend’s living space, or headed to an Ashtanga class, she is continually seeking inspiration to make the world a more beautiful and kind place.

It should also be mentioned that she is a queso enthusiast, and is always welcoming recommendations. 


Danielle Wolter Nolan

Danielle is a professional wilderness guide or guidess as she’ll tell you and loves being able to help people become the best versions of themselves by reconnecting them with the great outdoors, whether that’s hiking a trail locally or mountain biking through the red rocks of Arizona.

 Danielle and her wife, Kate founded DNK Presents, an empowering outdoor adventure company, the only full-service bike shop in Nashville, IN – Brown County Bikes and the non-profit, Live Adventurously – an organization that hosts an annual women’s adventure giveaway scholarship program.

When she’s not running one of the businesses, you can find Danielle, Kate and their boys enjoying their life in the hills of Brown County, where they reside.


Dawn Olsen

Dawn Olsen was born and raised in small-town Iowa, where doors go unlocked and gossip runs deep. When she was 14, her guidance counselor told her, “Anything in the liberal arts is a crummy job.” Dawn disagreed.

After getting her English degree from an out-of-state engineering school (Purdue), Dawn moved to Indianapolis. She started working at the Statehouse, where she spilled a plate food on Mike Pence. After that, she started writing for architects, photographers, tech companies, magazines, and more. She’s now a full-time writer.

When not making words go, Dawn is either helping out her neighborhood (Fletcher Place), spending too much time on Twitter, or going for motorcycle rides.


Ebony Chappel

Ebony Marie Chappel is a proud product of Haughville and a Ball State Cardinal. This award-winning multimedia journalist started her professional writing career at the historic Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper where she eventually served as editor before launching into other endeavors including hosting a locally syndicated radio program, co-founding a writing society for Black women and femme writers, and launching public health campaigns geared toward communities of color, LGBTQ+ folks, Hoosiers living with HIV and various faith groups. Currently, she heads up programming and communications for a local leadership non-profit, hosts an interactive video podcast and publishes articles for local and national media outlets on a variety of subjects and people of interest. She’s a cat mother, aspiring stand-up comedian and Canada Dry Ginger-Ale’s unofficial celebrity ambassador. 


Gabby Love

DJ Gabby Love is a DJ, Curator, and Entertainer. She has played around the world at festivals, sporting events, and clubs. Music is DJ Gabby Love’s true passion with a family lineage that includes classical, folk and pop musicians, she has managed to forge her own identity on the turntables. 

When not on the tables, Gabby can be found at the stable where she rides, trains, and teaches horseback riding. Gabby is an animal lover and has a dog named Moses and a cat named Missy. Traveling and music go hand in hand and when abroad Gabby can be found digging in the crates at local record shops.


Hayley Trussell & Kelli Jenkins (The Spellsisters)

Hayley Trussell is an astrologer and poet living in Indianapolis. She is 1/2 of Spellsisters with her bff Kelli Jenkins and a retired Broad Ripple barista. She works as a research nurse in interventional radiology along with writing for Indy Maven. In addition to blogging about the stars, she loves birds, brunch, and ice skating.

Kelli Jenkins is a professional parlor trickster who co-founded Spellsisters with her bff Hayley Trussell after retiring from making coffee. In addition to writing for Indy Maven, she’s a viral content creator, reiki master, creative director, gin drinker, and super avid reader with misty-eyed dreams of someday writing book reviews. Kelli’s an expert at minding her own business whose job is to feel good. An Aquarius who loves exploring old houses and keeping secrets, she can often be found looking for hidden treasure in the most peculiar places (probably the dumpster and/or landfill).


Lavanya Narayanan

Lavanya Narayanan is a writer, editor, features reporter, and multimedia journalist. She currently works as a recipe editor for BuzzFeed Los Angeles while also writing for local publications such as Indy Maven and Indianapolis Monthly. She spent the last few years living in Chennai, India, working for The Hindu and other regional arts publications in the city.

Her ultimate goal in life is to help destigmatize ethnic food and make it more approachable for a wider audience – and vice versa for its Western counterparts!

When she’s not out tasting her way through different cities and traveling across the world, she’s probably singing, modeling for ethnicwear brands, or watching an inordinate amount of food videos from across the globe.


Lenie Tsakonas

Lenie Tsakonas is a freelance writer that has found a deep interest in highlighting all the glamorous and chic things that are happening around Indy. As a transplant from the Chicago area she has spent the last ten years in awe of the growth that has made its way to Indy. She covers lifestyle and arts and more! As a proud Greek-American and a product of immigration she loves diving into the global small business culture that has blossomed here too. 

When she’s not freelancing she works in the creative marketing space and spends her free time jaunting around the city to find the gems that bring the city to life through robust culinary endeavors and kick ass interiors – finding the most instagrammable places to stay, eat, visit and drink around Indy!


Marissa Bova

Marissa is a journalist and creative writer promoting wellness, community, and small businesses in the Indianapolis area. She works as a full-time content + social media specialist for an Indy-based, woman-owned marketing agency and spends her downtime soul writing for fun/freelance, adding too many books to her reading list, and wandering around Fountain Square.


Maura Malloy

Lavanya Narayanan is a writer, editor, features reporter, and multimedia journalist. She currently works as a recipe editor for BuzzFeed Los Angeles while also writing for local publications such as Indy Maven and Indianapolis Monthly. She spent the last few years living in Chennai, India, working for The Hindu and other regional arts publications in the city.

Maura Malloy is a writer, actress, and teacher, depending on the day. You can follow her on Instagram @less_is_maura as she navigates what simplicity means to her, why she needs it and how it ripples out into every area of her life.

 In fact, alongside writing for Indy Maven, Maura is working on a book in response to her TedX Indianapolis Talk “The Masterpiece of a Simple Life” wherein she explores what happened after she decluttered. 

When not writing, Maura’s passions include dog walking, face yoga and sleep. Jk, she loves her husband and daughter, too.


Ronni Morgan

Ronni Morgan is a queer, chronic disease advocate, blogger, and speaker from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is also the lead designer for Shark & Fox Co – creating LGBTQIA+ Apparel.  She runs several blogs through her website, RonniMorgan.com. She is also a regular contributor to publications such as The Mighty, Indy Maven Magazine and has been featured in both CNN Online and The Boston Globe, as well as appearing in a Valentines Day Netflix Special about finding love during the global pandemic.

When she’s not writing and designing Big Gay apparel, she’s probably binge watching Schitts Creek for the 1000th time, lost in a book, or reorganizing things that don’t need reorganizing.


Natalie Derrickson

Natalie Derrickson is a communications strategist and writer, committing her creative pursuits across mediums. In addition to contributing to Indy Maven, she’s typing away on two upmarket fiction novels sure to be among your top reads (when of course she gets an agent and sells them). 

When she’s not bathed in the blue light from her laptop, she’s spending time with her husband and two young children in NE Indy, starting her summer Saturdays at the Farmer’s Market, and testing out cocktail recipes she finds on social media. You can connect with her here.


Samantha Kupiainen

Samantha Kupiainen is an Indianapolis-based writer and social media strategist. She graduated from Ball State University in May 2019 and currently works in health care social media marketing in addition to being an Indy Maven contributor. 

When she’s not at her computer, she can be found attempting (but mostly burning) a new recipe, spending way too much time on TIk Tok, or plotting her next adventure.


Sarah Bahr

Sarah Bahr is a Culture reporter for The New York Times and a former Indy Maven contributor. Her work has been published in Forbes Travel Guide, USA Today, The Indianapolis Star, and Indianapolis Monthly, among others. She loves live theater and misses it dearly, but is subsisting on Marvel movies in the meantime. Her favorite Disney musical is the infinitely underrated “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Some of her favorite recent interviews have included Anthony Fauci, Billie Eilish, Glenn Close, and Jake Gyllenhaal. She wakes up every day in shock that she’s somehow being paid to do her dream job.

A photo of Kylie Stine

Kylie Stine

Kylie is a graduate of Butler University, where she double-majored in Strategic Communication and Spanish and minored in International Business. Originally from Frankfort, IN (Go Hot Dogs!), Kylie now lives in the heart of Downtown Indy with her roommate and 9-year-old cat, Cleo.

Outside of Indy Maven, Kylie works as marketing associate for The Vogue Theatre in Broad Ripple, frequents Indianapolis coffee shops, researches destinations to add to her travel bucket list, and consumes her body weight in sushi.

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