We want to make sure we’re representing as many voices in the city as possible. Our editorial team is a diverse group of women who share their areas of interests and expertise to help us dictate the tone and direction of our editorial content.

Deborah Dorman
Deborah Dorman
Shareyna Chang Head Shot
Shareyna Chang
Amy Bartner Indy Maven
Amy Bartner
Manon Voice
Kathy Headshot
Kathy Souchet-Downey
Tiffany Hanson Headshot 2018
Tiffany Hanson
Michelle Dahl Headshot
Michelle Waugh Dahl
Taylor Parkerheadshot TMP
Taylor Parker
Nicole Pence Becker Headshot - Nicole Becker
Nicole Pence Becker
Dlang Ferguson
Elyssa Campodonico-Barr
Elyssa Campodonico-Barr
Aisha Herring
Aisha Herring
Emily Masengale
Shelby Roby
Shelby Roby Terry
Malina Simone Jeffers
Malina Simone Jeffers