Mother’s Day Gift Membership

Because moms deserve it.

This year more than ever, the moms of the world deserve as much love and kindness as we can muster. We’re not just talking biological moms either.

Give the gift of an annual Indy Maven membership to give thanks, send love, and show her how much you care.

We’ll donate 10% of every sale to The Milk Bank’s Give an Ounce Campaign—that’s enough money to cover 6 life-saving feedings for NICU babies in need for every membership purchased!


Our content is free and accessible to everyone but if you want to unlock MORE from Indy Maven, consider purchasing the gift of membership for…

  • The daughter who is navigating life as a new mom.
  • The friend who could use a damn break.
  • The grandmother who wants to stay up to date on the latest news in her community.
  • The woman who cares for your fur babies, the one who raised you like her own, the one who does it all, the one who’s barely holding it together, and the one celebrating her choice not to have children. All are welcome.

Not only will she love the amazing content, the curated experiences, and the awesome community—she’ll love that you supported and uplifted voices and lives of other women. 

woman hugging her child

Learn more about The Milk Bank and how you can help save infant lives here.

Michelle B.

“I am enjoying the membership. I really enjoy the writing and learning more about women I would like to know better.  Keep up the great work!” 

Sheila R.

“Indy Maven is a way to connect outside my natural circles, become more informed, re: all things Indy and its most interesting, amazing, giving, kick-ass women.” 

Kelsey S.

“You guys do a great job on this newsletter. I find myself reading 3-4+ stories each week. Love it all!”

Elizabeth J.

“I love the Indy Maven newsletter. It definitely provided a virtual sense of community for me while I was living in Indy and I think you all put out such fun, interesting content. Your newsletter is still one of the few that I actually open and read through each time, even though I don’t live in Indy anymore.”

Madison H.

“Your post and articles are such a great outlet during these crazy times!” 

Laurren D.

“I’ve enjoyed everything that you are doing – especially during this unpredictable time. I feel like I’ve gotten to know so many women and their businesses through your publication.” 

Elise S.

“First, thanks as always, for all the great Indy Maven content! It is my favorite email I open and it is doubly enjoyable to know it is fueled by so many local badass bosses.” 

Angela H.

“Indy Maven is the only newsletter I get on a weekly basis that I read through start to finish.”


“I joined Indy Maven early on because it meets a need in the Indianapolis community for women in business to be seen, heard, and supported.”


“I joined Indy Maven early on as I saw them meeting a need in the Indianapolis community for women in business to be seen, heard, and supported.”