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Indy Maven offers one paid editorial internship per semester. Indiana-based students are preferred.

We do not currently have any internships available. Please check back for future updates.

Check out this post from our amazing fall 2021 intern and Butler University student Katie Freeman to hear what she had to say about her experience.

Scott Bridge
Butler University
Internship Director, CCOM

“Internships with Indy Maven have quickly become one of the most sought-after opportunities in the College of Communication.”

Katie F.
Butler University
Fall 2021 Editorial Intern

“In the months I’ve been a part of Indy Maven’s team, there was never a story I didn’t enjoy reading or writing. I value the team’s dedication to connecting with its audience in a meaningful, impactful and interesting way.”

Gracen P.
Butler University; Eli Lilly
Summer 2020 Marketing Intern

“[All I learned about Indianapolis] was my favorite part of the internship! I learned so much about the city and the women who are making an impact on the city. I also still follow several Indy Maven ambassadors like Aisha Rose who are so inspiring and fun to follow along with.”

Ellie A.
Butler University
Spring and Summer 2021 Editorial Intern

“At Indy Maven, I had a lot of creative freedom with how I approached projects which I really appreciated. I also got to plan out my own hours which gave me flexibility in my weeks, and that was very beneficial as a busy college student.”

Lily F.
Indiana University
Summer 2021 Marketing and Communications Intern

“In this internship, I was able to connect with many women who were near my age and also above it. These women are so inspiring and I have never been in a space that felt this empowering as a young woman.”

Lily F.
Indiana University
Summer 2021 Marketing and Communications Intern

‘I was able to build an extensive portfolio in social media materials as well as experience in reaching out to different businesses around the city. Overall, I have been able to grow my communication skills to be so much stronger.”

Gracen P.
Butler University; Eli Lilly
Summer 2021 Marketing and Communications Intern

“I used one of my Indy Maven research projects as an example [when answering an interview question] and was able to describe how I started from scratch to then create something meaningful for the team. This process that I first used in my Indy Maven internship has became my standard process for any new project and helped me succeed in a large corporate environment.”

Gracen P.
Butler University; Eli Lilly
Summer 2021 Marketing and Communications Intern

My other internships have typically been for more traditional businesses like consultancies or a Fortune 500 company. Indy Maven was more entrepreneurial and I loved that! I loved the focus on women and emphasize on the balance between personal and professional life. This internship helped me to start thinking of my personal life and needs as just important as my professional needs.

Katie Freeman
Butler University
Fall 2021 Intern

“Because of Indy Maven, I have grown into a stronger, more confident, and independent version of myself.”







Mid-January — Early May

Late April — Late August

Late August — Late December


Mid-October — Until filled

Early March — Mid-April

Late March — Until filled

Sales Maven

We’re growing and we need a Maven to help us!

Indy Maven is looking for an Indianapolis-based part-time sales rep with a big personality that understands the local market and is passionate about uplifting women in our community.

A bit about us...

Indy Maven is a virtual company which means:

  • We don’t have a physical office space.
  • We work via Zoom, Slack, email, and occasional in-person meetings.
  • You can work from anywhere!

Working with us gives you flexibility and room for the many other facets of your life and hats that you wear…because we know there are many.

You'd be a great fit for Indy Maven IF (and only when):
Indy Maven women walking and laughing at Bottleworks Hotel
  • You want to work for a female-run, female-owned company.
  • You’re familiar with Indy Maven + what we’re all about. You subscribe to our newsletter. You follow us on social media. You’re here for it all.
  • You believe in uplifting women’s voices in your community. 
  • You desire meaningful work. You want to make a difference in people’s lives.
  • You are someone who does what they say they’re going to do. As a startup, we rely heavily on one another to get. shit. done.
  • You would love the opportunity to work from home! Or a coffee shop. Perhaps an awesome co-working space? It’s up to you.
Let's do this.

If you’re looking to contribute to our editorial team, please please fill out this application.