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A woman with love shouldn't hurt written on her back
COVID-19 Has Impacted the Rate of Domestic Violence in Central Indiana: Here’s How You Can Help

2020 was a dark year for a number of reasons. One was the increase in domestic violence cases.

Featured Image Addie Angelov MAVEN TO KNOW
Maven to Know: Addie Angelov

Addie Angelov, the co-founder and CEO of the Paramount Health Data Project, is making a difference in education.

little girl wearing pink swear and blue and white striped pants with curly brown hair
Una Hartzell-Baird Shares What it Was Like to Be a 9-Year-Old Refugee

After spending most of her life denying the trauma of being a child refugee, becoming a mother and living through the COVID-19 pandemic is helping Una Hartzell-Baird heal.

four people hold up a white banner in front of culture center with red roof and artwork on the side of the building
Liz Prevot is Reconnecting to Her Roots With The Philippines Cultural Community Center

As Executive Director of The Philippines Cultural Community Center, Liz Prevot is turning wounds from her mother’s abandonment into scars of strength through representation and inclusion.

two women holding glasses of red wine smiling sitting at a table
Three Girlfriends’ Getaways to Take in Indiana This Summer

We’ve got the scoop on what to do with your girlfriends in Hamilton County, Brown County, and French Lick.

woman wearing white blouse and jeans stands in front of a grey wall with a cutoff of a race car for the indy 500 festival
5 Questions With Lindsay Labas, VP of Marketing and Communications at 500 Festival, Inc.

In her first year with 500 Festival Inc., Lindsay Labas is helping to make the month of May in Indianapolis even more exciting.

older woman with gray hair smiling in front of foreign flags
The Immigrant Welcome Center Works to Advocate for Immigrants and Refugees in Indiana

Gurinder Kaur, CEO of the Immigrant Welcome Center, helps bring awareness to Indy’s cultural and ethnic diversity.

two women smiling holding reusable menstrual cups
The Founders of Sunny Period Are Helping Make “That Time of the Month” a Little Less Brutal

Cindy Belardo and Drew Jarvis, the diverse founders of Sunny Period, are making huge strides in the reformation of the menstruation industry.

A photo of people rehearsing for a Summer Stock Stage production
5 Questions With Emily Ristine Holloway, Artistic Director of Summer Stock Stage

The artistic director and founding member of Summer Stock Stage lets us in on what shows to look forward to this summer.

Allissa M. Impink wearing a bright green quarter length shirt smiling with teeth
Maven to Know: Allissa M. Impink

A Director at Central Indiana Community Foundation, Allissa M. Impink is an influencer who enjoys bringing people together to build community.

A photo of three mini apple pies
Sprouts Cooking School Shares a Recipe for Mini Apple Pies

There’s nothing better than a freshly baked apple crumb pie — except maybe a mini version.

older woman in green coat with camera around her neck smiles as she stands in front of her a brick wall overlooking the water
We Caught Up With Charlotte Simpson, the Traveling Black Widow

With trips to Niagara Falls, New Mexico, and Europe in the books, the Traveling Black Widow Charlotte Simpson has been busy.