Roberts Camera

On August 21, 1957, Robert (Bob) and Rose Pallman opened their store in downtown Indianapolis: Roberts Distributors.

In the beginning, they sold everything from jewelry and luggage to small appliances and fishing poles. Then, in 1968, things took an interesting turn: Bob bought a little section of catalog to see if he could sell cameras. The store had one employee who was taking a photography class in high school. He said, “I think I can sell those things!”

Fast forward a bit to January 2012, when we added a used camera buyer to our professional staff and opened the door to a new division of the business: UsedPhotoPro. From starting with just a staff of four, UsedPhotoPro has quickly become one of the largest places to buy, sell and trade quality used camera equipment in the world.

We’re still proudly family owned and operated. The industry (and the way people shop) has changed, but we believe that by continuing to make our customers feel like family – and by having the best, most knowledgeable, and maybe the funniest staff in the business – we can keep this very special place moving forward.

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