Another Tequila Sunrise: Where to Get the Best Margaritas in Indianapolis

From the salt-rimmed classic to cinnamon-infused tequila creations, we’ve rounded up the best margaritas in Indy.

Tequila. For many, this word brings flashbacks of hazy memories, flashing lights, and thumping beats from over-imbibing in our youth. But there’s nothing to fear from a good margarita (or two). 

As National Tequila Day (listen, we love all boozy holidays around here!) approaches, we are reminded of the tantalizing effect that the star player of a good marg has on our taste buds—especially when mixed with fresh and unexpected ingredients. So whether you’re drinking your tequila in the form of a shot, on the rocks, or in a mixed margarita, we’ve rounded up the list of the best places to get your fix. 

Read on for the grown-up guide on consuming the agave-derived liquor.

Best Flavor Profiles:

The margs at Bakersfield on Mass Ave are served up with an ever-changing list of ingredients. Some of our favorites are the spicy and the cucumber varieties, both muddled to perfection with fresh veggies. Order by the pitcher to share with a group to make sure there’s enough to go around.

334 Massachusetts Ave., (317) 635-6962,

A cucumber margarita from Bakersfield with tequila
Best Pairings:

With an emphasis on modern Mexican, the chef-driven food and spirits menu at Sangrita Saloon in Broad Ripple features over 120 varieties of 100% agave tequila, mezcal, sotol, and bacanora to make the perfect margarita. The highly-educated staff can walk you through the best drink choices for your palette, if you’re so inclined.

834 E. 64th St., (317) 377-4779,

A tequila margarita from Sangrita next to some queso
Most Relaxed:

For a no-fuss approach to margarita drinking, head to Mr. Tequila’s. This Fletcher Place cantina offers an array of classic and flavored margaritas served both frozen and on the rocks—and all for the right price. So grab the gang and pour out a pitcher.

931 S. East St., (317) 991-3058,

An array of tequila margaritas from Mr. Tequila's
Most Hip:

With two new locations in the Indy area, Condado Tacos has a build your own taco concept and an eclectic margarita menu. With its street-inspired decor by local artists, the artsy environment pairs perfectly with their specialty marg menu. From hints of mint and cinnamon to a whole bottle of Modelo in your drinks, you’ll be sure to find the perfect mix to shake things up according to your tangy cocktail dreams.

838 Broad Ripple Ave., (463) 206-2768

530 Massachusetts Ave., (317) 222-5999,

A spicy margarita with tequila from Condado Tacos

Lenie Tsakonas is a regular Indy Maven contributor and tequila drinker. Check out her Instagram hashtag #BabysTequila to see where she’s drinking her next tequila-infused bevvy.

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