Read This Before You Buy that IKEA Fig Tree

Houseplant Designs offer house calls for sick plants and other services for your indoor jungle.
Houseplant Design Services in Indy

Meredith Boldt is on a mission to bring more joy into people’s homes…through plants.

And at the risk of sounding like we’re completely behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s absurd decision to hire a book curator (or aren’t we???) we’ve recently discovered something you need in your life. Enter her company, Houseplant Designs.

Here’s how it works: Bolt begins by examining your aesthetic, lifestyle, and light before carefully selecting plants that are a fit for you and your space. After installation, she’ll give you the tools necessary to help your plants thrive—and by thrive we don’t just mean “not die a horrible death.” Don’t you want those air purifying benefits that plants can bring to your life?

Services include commercial and residential consultations, group classes, and houseplant calls—yes, seriously, and they start at $35.

Your thumbs may just turn green after all.

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