How to Winterize Your Home With Hope Plumbing

The temperatures are dropping fast, so here are some quick and simple tips for winterizing your home.
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Editor’s Note: A version of this post previously ran on January 7, 2022. 

Frozen pipes can be a BIG, expensive problem, so to avoid having to deal with that hassle, here are some smart, easy tips from Kate Sullivan of Hope Plumbing about winterizing your home. Spoiler alert: It’s time to remove your hose from the spigot, pronto.

TIP #1

Open up your cabinets, especially those on an exterior wall. The warm air will circulate in the cabinet and prevent pipes from freezing.

TIP #2

Another way to keep your water lines from freezing is to make sure they’re well insulated or that you have a doorway open nearby to bring warm air in. A plumber can assist with insulation!

TIP #3

Outside your home, make sure the hose is detached from the hose spigot to prevent it from bursting or freezing which can cause damage to the spigot itself and the pipes inside.


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