There’s a whole latte love at these Indianapolis coffee shops

Looking for your very own Central Perk? Check out these local coffee (and tea) spots run by women.
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Updated from January 28, 2023.

Need a quick pick-me-up? There are a variety of local specialty coffee shops in (and around) the city all run by women! Here are seven in the area to check out.

Tea’s Me Cafe by Tamika Catchings

Photo courtesy Indianapolis Coffee Guide

Most recognize Tamika Catchings’ name from her illustrious career with the Indiana Fever or maybe even from her four (yes, four) Olympic gold medals with the US Women’s Basketball team. Now, we associate her name with one of our favorite spots in the city: Tea’s Me Cafe. 

Shortly after she retired from the WNBA in 2016, Catchings seized the opportunity to purchase her favorite local tea shop in Indianapolis. The hoops star is often in the shop, smiling and hugging everyone who comes in, and she has built up an incredible community. 

Reasons to love Tea’s Me: It’s easy to find a local coffee shop, but not always easy to find a good tea selection. Tea’s Me boasts dozens of teas alongside a robust food menu. 

140 E. 22nd St., (317) 920-1016, 3967 N. Illinois Street, (317)-603-2229, 2535 N. Capitol Ave., (317)-524-9240,

Kaffeine Coffee Co.

Kaffeine Coffee Co.
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Explore the world through Kaffeine Coffee Co.’s vast selection of coffee beans sourced worldwide. Known for its “Spanish latte,” Kaffeine Coffee Co. has a large variety on the menu, from espresso drinks to teas and pastries. Owner Amanda Kilander began Kaffeine Coffee Co. in 2011 with the idea to directly bring the best third-wave coffee from around the world to Indy. 

Reasons to love Kaffeine Coffee Co: They directly source only 96-grade coffee beans and rare teas from farms worldwide. You can travel to Latin America, Africa, or Asia with a sip of your morning coffee.

Bonus: Dogs are welcome in the store. 

707 Fulton St., (317) 201-4882,

Rabble Coffee

Rabble CoffeeIt’s hard to find the right words to describe Rabble Coffee because going there is such an experience. Sure, the coffee is amazing, and the food is great (vegan options, always). But what makes Rabble special is what co-owner and Incredible Human™ Josie Hunckler has done with the place. (She literally saved a man’s life after hosting a training class for the opiate overdose reversal drug, naloxone.) 

Reasons to love Rabble: The space is dedicated to making the community better. The coffee and food are always great. The space is overflowing with positive energy.

2119 E. 10th St., (317) 986-6549,

Roasted in the Village

If you don’t visit Zionsville often, you’re missing out. The brick streets, local restaurants, and specialty boutiques are just a few reasons to venture north. Our new favorite spot? Roasted in the Village, a coffee shop by Amy Briggs.

Reasons to love Roasted in the Village: It’s the cutest little café on the cutest brick street. The coffee and treats will warm up the coldest of days. It’s a great spot to hunker down on your laptop or catch up with friends. And Amy is nearly always running the register and greets every guest like she’s known them her whole life.

27 E. Pine St., Zionsville, (317) 344-2181,

Monon Coffee Company

Monon Coffee Company is a staple in the Indianapolis scene as it’s been caffeinating Broad Ripple for over two decades. In the last few years, Monon Coffee has seen a resurgence thanks to new ownership—mother and daughter powerhouses, Denise and Leslie Dolin, took over operations in 2017.

Reasons to love Monon Coffee: Leslie Dolin was a barista (among other things) at Monon for over 18 years before she took over the reins as co-owner. The space is filled with cozy chairs and local art. The menu has a too-good-to-be-true assortment of local coffees, treats, and foods.

920 E. Westfield Blvd., (317) 255-0510,

Helm coffee

Inside of Helm Coffee
Photo courtesy @helmcoffeeroasters

Established in September 2022, Helm Coffee is an LGBTQ+ women-owned company run by couple, Jillian Potter, 2016 Olympic rugby team captain, and her wife Carol Fabrizio. This Indy roastery is devoted to spreading the love of great coffee through kindness and connection by “building relationships one sip and one cup at a time.”

Reasons to love Helm Coffee: Helm is run by moms who promote activities such as yoga and meetings to other parents looking to join a community

2324 Shelby St., (317) 255-0510,

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