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We know your email inbox is a busy place. There are constant news updates, doctor appointment reminders, weird chain letters forwarded by your parents, and your yoga studio is running a special—again. 

But how much of it was specifically created with you in mind? Uncovered, a weekly newsletter from Indy Maven, is dedicated to women living in the greater Indianapolis area. It’s our mission to help you live your best life while uplifting your voice, and connecting you to the people, places, and things that matter.   

If you haven’t signed up already (did we say it’s free?), we invite you to do so today. Here are a few reasons why. 

Stay in the know.

It’s tough to keep up on the news so we make sure you’re getting the latest on what’s relevant to you as a woman living in Central Indiana. We like to keep the tone conversational—think of the info as coming to you from a trusted girlfriend (seriously though, let’s be friends!). 

Community? We’re here for it.

Whether we bring you the best virtual events, important local news, or opportunities to connect through our various social channels, our newsletter is the weekly reminder you need to keep your iCal straight. 

We stand behind our partners.

Look, if someone is paying us for something, you’re going to know it. And we don’t just take money from anyone. You can rest assured that every ad, piece of branded content, or other sponsored asset has our stamp of approval and we think it’s of value. 

nobody’s got time for noise.

Like we said, there’s a lot of content out there, and it’s our mission to cut through BS with local, relevant stuff that’s quick and easy to digest so you can get on with your day to focus on what matters.

Enjoy perks, discounts, and updates.

Not only will our newsletter keep you posted about new events and offerings, but we also regularly feature exclusive discounts, perks, and info about giveaways found only in our newsletter. 

Meet cool women.

At least virtually. In every issue, we highlight amazing women doing great work in Indy. Maybe you’ll spot one of your IRL besties and want to share with the rest of your crew. Or perhaps you’ll see someone who you’ve always wanted to connect with. Regardless, we promise you’ll be inspired by them. 

Pssst! You can rest easy knowing that we promise (pinky swear, even) to never sell or share your email address. 

Visit www.indymaven.com/newsletter and sign up today! 

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