Build Women empowers women to build

Hundreds of women will come together and build two homes in support of affordable housing.
Volunteer Tiger Carol working with Women Build Volunteer to build a home

What’s a better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than celebrating a decade of women empowering women?

Fourteen women pose in front of a green balloon arch at the 2023 Women Build Kickoff Committee and Homeowners
2023 Women Build Kickoff Committee and Homeowners

This month, the Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity launched 2023 Women Build where more than 500 women will come together and build two homes in partnership with future homeowners while raising money in support of affordable housing. Women Build began in 2014 and has since become Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity’s largest individual funding campaign, raising $1.4 million and building 12 homes.

The goal this year is to raise $350,000 through Women Build in 2023, its highest annual fundraising goal to date.

The Jones family and the Kendrick family are this year’s 2023 Women Build homeowners. After struggling with stability, these mothers are grateful for the opportunity to provide their children with support within these new homes.

Trina Jones and Shay Kendrick have completed classes to prepare them for successful homeownership and will be involved in building their homes. All Greater Indy Habitat homes are sold with 0% interest mortgages so they are affordable to families. The mortgage payments cycle back into the community to help build more affordable housing.

Fifteen women posing in front of unfinished foundation of a house
Team Dream Big

When Women Build started, Habitat’s cost of building a new home was around $70,000. Today, it’s closer to $180,000. These rising costs make housing affordability for community members more challenging, which is why Greater Indy Habitat and Women Build are here to help.

“Too many members of our community are housing cost-burdened, paying 50% or more of their income on housing,” said Abri Hochstetler, Vice President of Development & Communications for Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity. “Women Build increases much-needed awareness of this issue and empowers women from all walks of life to be part of the solution by creating more affordable housing.”

The building–also known as the panel build–will commence on Saturday, April 15, and continue through July with a home dedication to follow.

How can you get involved?
Women Builder standing in front of an unfinished house
Women Builder Jenny from Team Nesting Dolls

Become a part of this initiative of uplifting women by signing up to be part of the first day of building on Saturday, April 15. Complete this form or contact Builders are asked to raise a minimum of $350.

Can’t make it in person? Don’t worry. There are still ways to help. Women interested in fundraising, but who aren’t able to build can join as ‘virtual builders’ who raise funds, earn a t-shirt, and spread the word about Women Build can complete this form or contact As always,  Anyone can donate to Women Build.

Emma Quasny is the Editorial Intern for Indy Maven 

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