Meet Melissa Bunce, Owner of Essential Wellbeings

The owner of Essential Wellbeings, Melissa Bunce offers essential oils, crystals, tea, incense, and more.
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Melissa Bunce

Melissa Bunce, the owner of Essential Wellbeings in Indianapolis, is a trained and certified aromatherapist who creates her own essential oil synergies and blends. In addition to her products, Essential Wellbeings also offers meditation classes, organic herbal tea workshops, and other special events. We spoke with Melissa to learn more about her business and find out about some of her must-have items.

What is Essential Wellbeings?

Essential Wellbeings is a retail shop, it’s an herbal apothecary, and it’s a gathering space.

What inspired you to start your company?
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Products from Essential Wellbeings

Having a son with allergies created a perfect opportunity for exploration, as we found little relief from the traditional route. His circumstances sent me along the path to becoming a trained and certified aromatherapist, and I began to create my own essential oil synergies and blends. Now he’s a young adult and my focus has widened over the years to incorporate a host of other products, including mental health support.

When did you open your shop?
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Essential Wellbeings

Essential Wellbeings exploded out of my kitchen, initially taking over our front living room and last year, my goal was realized: we purchased a dedicated building in Oaklandon. We had a soft opening last November, and have recently been amping up. This shop is all of my hopes and dreams that I have carried on the inside and am now able to express outwardly. These are all the things that I love.

The shop is jam-packed with essential oil blends, crystals and stones, an apothecary area full of bulk organic herbs, salts, and tea blends, and complimentary products from small business owners like me.

What are your best sellers? Any mega hit products that have surprised you?
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Jasper from Essential Wellbeings

Hands down, the popularity of crystals has been a complete surprise. We now have an entire room dedicated to beautiful stones. Our other best-selling essential oil blends are: Ear, Nose & Throat, Calming, Immune Boost, Sinus Ease, Mental Focus, Chakra Balancing blends, and Women’s Balance. The teas and anything supporting the immune system or mental health are super popular as well.

Where do you find your ingredients?
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Crystals from Essential Wellbeings

I source my organic herbs & essential oils from small growers in the US and worldwide who focus on sustainability and small batch harvests. I also wild harvest many herbs I use for tinctures, teas, elixirs, and other products from our chemical-free 4.5-acre property. 

If you’d like to learn more about Essential Wellbeings, you can check out their Instagram feed or visit

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