Purely Joy LLC’s Chef and Owner Karyn Joy Lander Creates Meals to Inspire Joy 

Karyn Joy Lander shares how she took the entrepreneurial leap to create her meal prep and catering business, Purely Joy.
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Karyn Joy Lander of Purely Joy

Are you seeking a meal prep service in Indy that offers delicious food options in a ready-to-eat, heat and serve, or frozen format? Would you also like fresh juices with antioxidant properties? If so, Purely Joy LLC has what you need.

Purely Joy is the brainchild of Chef Karyn Joy Lander. Lander always enjoyed culinary pursuits and would prepare meals for family and friends throughout the years, but her full-time career was in healthcare administration. In March of 2020, she took an entrepreneurial leap of faith and created Purely Joy.

Indy Maven spoke with Lander to learn more about her business.

What inspired you to start Purely Joy?
Meals prepared by Purely Joy

The healthcare organization where I had worked for 22 years had some administrative changes and as a result, everything changed — including my position at the organization. Also, during that time, I had just suffered the loss of my father. One day I was just sitting at my dining room table doing some personal bible study and reflection, and it was like, aha! Then I heard, “I have equipped you with every tool you need right now in order to become successful.” Once I heard that I sat down at my laptop, pulled up the Secretary of State’s information, and literally within 15 minutes I had developed the framework for the business.

When did you first start cooking?
Gluten free brownies with toasted walnuts from Purely Joy

My mom taught me how to cook starting at age five. She would get a chair, scoot me up to the countertop, and give me verbal instructions. There wasn’t anything written down. I had to follow her voice commands. When I didn’t get something right, she would tell me. So, I always cooked, every day.

What type of foods do you prepare?

I feature a gamut of meals, from American to Cajun-inspired, or even a lentil or couscous base for a salad. A lot of dishes that I make now are the same dishes that I grew up eating. It can be as simple as a butternut squash soup to a gumbo or a crawfish etouffee. I also love Italian food and anything Tuscan-inspired. The only cuisine I haven’t ventured into making is African and Indian fare.

Who is your typical customer?

It’s a mix of busy professionals, families, and senior citizens. They may or may not have a specialized diet, but I prepare the meals in the way they state that they need them.

Where do you obtain your ingredients?

I like to have a relationship with the places from which I purchase. I frequent farmers markets and try to stay as locally sourced as possible. I don’t like to use a whole lot of commercially farmed items. I know the days grocery stores receive their poultry or meat deliveries, so if I need to obtain those items from a grocery store, I’m there on that day.

What’s your favorite meal or dish?
Chicken pot pies from Purely Joy

Actually, I have two favorites. The first is my mother’s macaroni and cheese. That is one thing I did not pay attention to when she was teaching me. I make a good macaroni and cheese, and everybody loves it. But I want my macaroni and cheese to taste like my mother’s! 

My second favorite meal is an Italian chicken gnocchi in a cream butter sauce with spinach or chard. Gnocchi is so simple, but very delicious.

I’ve heard a lot about your juices. What are some of the juices you offer?
BeetsMe juice from Purely Joy

There is “BeetsMe,” a heart-healthy, sweet beet juice. “CgPO” is a carrot, ginger, pineapple, and orange-based juice. It has vitamin C, and of course, beta carotene in it. Then I have a “NotSoMeanGreen” juice. It is a sweet green; the pineapples and the apples help to sweeten up the spinach and cucumber that is in the juice. All of the juices are packed with different vitamins and minerals and prepped in a way to make you feel good. A lot of people struggle with eating fruits and vegetables every day, so this gives them an option to drink those fruits and vegetables.

Where can the juices be purchased?

The three juices I mentioned are available at Fork & Function Café on 2442 Central Ave., as well as at Fork & Function at Maven Space. Juices are $8 each. Those and my other juices also are available on the Purely Joy website.

How much are Purely Joy meals?

The individual meals start at $9.50 each, and most customers order five to seven days of meals.

What other services do you offer through Purely Joy?

Catering for events, and cooking and baking classes.

How does someone order from Purely Joy?

You can book a consultation through the website. There is a minimal fee, but you can apply part of it to the cost of the meals that are ordered.

Frequent Indy Maven contributor Diane Moore is a food enthusiast who can’t wait to try meals and the CgPO juice from Purely Joy! You can follow Diane on Instagram @whatdianeloves.

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