Pursue Your Passions Panelists: Sustaining Your Passion

Turning your passion into profit can leave you jaded, but these creative women will help you learn how to find joy in your business
Pursue Your Passions

Some of us have figured out how to motivate our community through our passion, finding a purpose-driven career where we rally others together in pursuit of a better world. Hear from women who all have a passion for sustainability – and have sustained this passion through hills and valleys – to bring the community together.

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Maria Baer, Owner of The Baer Minimalist

Maria’s passion is helping people just like you create organized + stylized spaces that make you feel like you’ve got it all together. Heck, you will have it all together.

On a personal level, she’s found that when you are more intentional about what you bring into your home, you all of the sudden have time to do the things you love (like family dance parties, early morning pilates sessions or bottomless brunches with friends).

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Check out her website here.

Ambre Crockett, Owner of Ambre Blends

Ambre founded Ambre Blends, which is a comprehensive line of skin and body care products designed around our five Ambre Blends essences. Each essence is sourced from organic ingredients to perfectly complement your body’s natural chemistry.

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Check out her website here.

Jessie Eskew, Owner of Onatah General

Jessie is the owner of Onatah General a boutique shop offering natural and ethical goods.

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Check out her website here.

Andrea Ridder, Founder of Wunder Life

Andrea Ridder is a serial entrepreneur, marketing strategist and host of The Wunder Life Podcast. Her purpose is to create space for people to shift consciousness into powerful life changing action. Through education about functional health + lifestyle, her companies inspire people to be vibrant, live their purpose and heal the planet.

Three things she’s passionate about

I am passionate about: 1) Humanity elevating themselves and saving the planet 2 ) Travel 3) Good food & Champagne

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Follow her on Instagram and LinkedIN, or check out her website here.

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