Pursue Your Passions Panelists: When Your Passion Pushes Back

These women have been there and are ready to give you advice for those difficult days—because they will come.
Pursue Your Passions

Pursuing your passion doesn’t always come easy. Hear about how these women have overcome a variety of challenges in their respective industries and their advice on how you can be best prepared for when your passion pushes back.

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Abby Gardner, Executive Editor of Indy Maven

Abby is Indy Maven’s executive editor, as well as a freelance writer. After spending much of her career in New York City writing and editing for women’s magazines like Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Jane, she moved back to her hometown of Indianapolis in 2017.

You can also find her spending way too much musing about all things pop culture in her weekly newsletter, We Have Notes—which she is now spinning off into a soon-to-launch podcast. Both the newsletter and the podcast are products of Abby’s obsessive consumption and curation of pop culture through her very own unique lens of a Gen Xer with a lot of Millennial and Gen Z sensibilities.

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Pippa Mann, Racing Driver

Pippa grew up racing karts, then moved into open wheel racing in Europe, where she became the first female driver to score points in World Series by Renault, and the first female driver to start a race from pole position in that series. In 2009, she moved to the U.S.A to race in Indy Lights, the feeder series to IndyCar.

In 2010 in Indy Lights, Pippa had a record year where she became the first female driver to win a pole position at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in any category, and only one of two female drivers to be a race winner in Indy Lights. Pippa finished 5th in the Championship overall and was voted “Most Popular Driver” in the category by race fans.

In the fall of 2018 Pippa also competed in the 25 hours of Thunderhill for the first time as part of an all-female driving team with Shift Up Now, and traveled to Saudi Arabia to take part in the FIA Formula E test at the Ad Diriyah event with Geox Dragon Racing. In May of 2019 she qualified for her 7th Indianapolis 500, and finished the race in 16th place.

Outside of the cockpit, Pippa works as a performance driving instructor and coach for various brands, is available as a keynote speaker for conferences and events. She has a scholarship for young, up-and-coming female racers named after her at the Lucas Oil School of Racing, and is passionate about both her partnerships in the non-profit sector, and her goal of striving to inspire young girls to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.

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Polina Osherov, Executive Director of PATTERN

Polina is a creative director, commercial photographer, and executive director of PATTERN. In her spare time when she’s not hanging out with her 12- and 14-year-old daughters, and managing her public speaker husband, Polina is also the editor-in-chief of PATTERN Magazine.

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