Pursue Your Passions Panelists: Creating A Life You Love

These panelists have some very excellent ideas for making life its happiest and most fulfilling.
Pursue Your Passions

When you wake up in the morning, are you excited to start the day or are you pulling the covers back over your head? What does it take to create a life you LOVE? From mindset work and meditation to career coaching and how to control the chaos that is life as a busy modern woman, this conversation will have it all (but can we ever, really?)

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Bri Dimit, Storytelling Musician, Speaker, and Business Owner

Bri Dimit is an inspiring force of love and brilliance determined to spread light wherever she goes. She is a professional speaker, storytelling musician, guilt and shame eliminator, and business owner. Bri believes everyone has a story that matters. From her diagnosis with epilepsy at age five, being pronounced dead at age ten, and losing her mom at age thirteen, Bri is an expert at resilience and turning life’s challenges into celebrations. She is wise beyond her years and is proficient at amplifying the voices of her community.

Three things she’s passionate about

I am passionate about sharing others’ stories through my music because I believe every person, organization, corporation, etc. has a story that matters and when those stories are shared the impact becomes infinite.

I am passionate about being my whole self in everything I do because I believe it builds a genuine and authentic community.

I am passionate about intentionally being a badass beacon of light and love wherever and to whoever I am around (including myself) because it translates to fuel in the face of adversity.

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Jules Fernadez, RadioNOW

Jules is an APD and on-air talent at Indy’s RadioNOW 100.9.

Jennifer Magley, Writer, Speaker, Coach

Jennifer Magley is a Speaker, former Professional Athlete, NCAA Division I Head Coach, Entrepreneur, and mother. She has received national media coverage most notably by USA Today, US News & World Report, CNN, ESPN, Foundr Magazine, and Thrive Global. Her leadership fable “How To Be Queen” is a top selling book for Archway Publishing.

Three things she’s passionate about

My life’s aspiration in six words: I help successful people become unstoppable.

Connecting people that are meant to meet because it gives me life seeing them thrive.

Being a mother to our sons and a soon to be wife to the love of my life. There is no greater joy.

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Rebecca Simon, Ace Handyman Services North

Originally from Canada, I have made my home here in Indianapolis for the last 20 years. After being a Banking Center Manager, going to IWU as an adult student to secure my Bachelor’s Degree and spending 12 years in the event and racing industry, I opened Ace Handyman Services after searching for a business opportunity that would successfully blend my passion for customer service with my experience in managing teams to deliver consistent customer satisfaction. I look forward to serving a community I have grown to love.

Three things she’s passionate about

I am passionate about being a connector. I just light up inside when I make a meaningful connection between family, friends, colleagues or networking contacts that end up enhancing their lives or business, or both!

I am passionate about taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. I have moved countries, gone to University as full-time working adult, traveled the world with a premier auto-racing series and now I opened a business! Take a chance!

I am passionate about my faith and representing it in everything I do. I have been so blessed that I purposely try to use what I have, whether it is my talents, money or voice, to make someone else’s day better.

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