How to Celebrate National Roller Skating Month

Lace up those skates to hit the rink—or just the streets of your neighborhood—and roll with this hot-again trend.
luke-southern-hyvIttJtKPI-unsplash (1)

Did you know October is national roller skating month? Recently, roller skating videos have been all the rage on social media—and we can’t get enough! The Roller Skating Association International is even headquartered in Indianapolis.

If you’d like to give skating a try, check out Skateland, The Roller Cave, or Roller City Indy, or just hit the streets of your neighborhood. If you’re not totally confident on wheels, there are other ways to support the community, including taking a beginner class or just engaging with skating-related social media posts.

Dinah Allen, or commonly known as Muffy Skates, is helping the Indianapolis roller skating community thrive. Her Instagram is full of amazing roller skating videos—from skating yoga to beginner classes. Her bio says roller skating is the best hobby in the world, and we certainly see no lies there.