Q&A With Stacy Cachules, Assistant Director at the Central Indiana Land Trust

Interested in the outdoors from an early age, Stacy Cachules is using her passion to help protect the planet.
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Stacy Cachules

As assistant director at the Central Indiana Land Trust (CILTI), Stacy Cachules brings her passion for nature to work every day. Born and raised in Carmel, Stacy has been with CILTI for 11 years, and prior to that, she worked at Seattle’s Cascade Land Conservancy. Stacy now lives in Meridian Kessler with her husband and two sons, and she says that she’s always felt a connection to the outdoors — but now that she has children, making sure that we protect and care for the land is even more important to her. 

Stacy also serves as board treasurer for the Indiana Wildlife Federation and is on the board of the Indiana Land Protection Alliance. Indy Maven spoke with Stacy to learn more about her love of nature and her career path. 

What’s your earliest memory of being in nature?

I have always been drawn to nature and its protection. Growing up in Carmel I saw firsthand how quickly the landscape can change, and once nature is developed it is gone forever. It was at a young age that I knew I wanted to make a difference to protect nature. 

Stacy Cachules Headshot
Stacy Cachules
You have a degree from Indiana University Bloomington in Public and Environmental Affairs. How did YOU GET INTERESTED IN THAT MAJOR? 

It wasn’t until I transferred to IU my sophomore year that I realized there could be a career in saving the earth! During my time at IU, I was able to go to Washington, D.C., and intern at the Environmental Protection Agency, and that really solidified my passion to have a career in helping the environment. 

What is your favorite CILTI preserve, and why? 

Blossom Hollow was the first CILTI preserve I ever visited, and I was captivated. Did it have the mountain peaks and vistas that I saw in Seattle? No. But there is something truly special about it. When you are back in the woods you feel like you are truly submerged in nature. It reminds me a lot of Brown County, but without the crowds. 

What do you recommend for women who want to explore Central Indiana nature? 

Start with state parks! Indiana has some wonderful state parks. They make a great way to dip your toe in nature. My favorite state park trail is Pine Hills Nature Preserve in Shades State Park. 

Stacy Cachules and Family
Stacy Cachules and family
How do you experience nature with your family? 

I travel with my family and get outside as much as possible! We have a family place up in Michigan, so we go up there a lot, even in the winter. We love Lake Michigan all year round. We also love to camp and hike!



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