Meet 5 Local Women Leading the Way for Sustainability

From green products to environmental practices, these Mavens will inspire you to live a more eco-friendly life.

Want to be more sustainable but don’t know where to start? Take a cue from these Indianapolis. From sustainable products to local nonprofits making the world a greener place, these women will have you ready to take your next step.

Ambre Crockett is the owner of Ambre Blends, a business that makes natural fragrances that are vegan, organic, nontoxic, and handmade.

Her Handle: @ambreblends
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Jessie Eskew is the owner of Onatah General, a store with products from independent artisans that are ethically sourced. They have an entire product category dedicated to zero waste including reusable bags, metal straws, soap, loofahs and sponges, and more.

Her Handle: @onatahgeneral
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Renee Sweany is a special projects manager for Hoosier Environmental Council. She runs the HEC Green Business program and won the Green Business Advocate of the Year award in 2013. She now lives in St. Croix and continues to focus on sustainability.

Her Handle: @askreneeindy
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Emily Wood is the executive director at Indiana Wildlife Federation, a nonprofit that works to promote renewable resources. Her hobbies include hiking, bird watching, photography, and gardening.

Her Handle: @indiana_wildlife_fed
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Maria Baer is the owner of The Baer Minimalist, a business that helps organize and stylize your spaces. She puts an emphasis on sustainability in her own life and in her professional space by blogging about ways to be more sustainable.

Her Handle: @thebaerminimalist
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