Summer 2022 Tattoo Trends You’ve Got to See

Thinking of getting your next tattoo soon? Here’s what’s hot this summer — from some crazy talented local female tattoo artists.
Featured Image Tattoo Trends 2022

Looking to get some new ink? We asked four amazing local female tattoo artists for their take on the hottest tattoo trends for 2022.

Tattoo trend: pet portraits

Tattoo Artist: April Nicole Stead
Great Day Tattoo in Irvington

“The trending tattoo that my clients have been asking for is pet portraits. Pet portraits have always been a popular tattoo, but this past year I’ve done at least two a week! I typically do a portrait of their pet and frame it with something like their birth flowers or their favorite toy.”


Tattoo Artist: Kiersten Lockwood
Free Hand Body Art Tattoo Shop in Brownsburg

“I know that across my demographic of female and male clients, the trend is a combination of mixing styles with other elements, from anime and black and gray to traditional Japanese.”


Tattoo Artist: Lenny Wood Floyd
Salty Siren Tattoo Lounge in Greenwood

“I can tell you what’s super trending right now is floral, especially black or black/gray floral — I do it almost every day — as well as vines, foliage, and houseplants. Celestial imagery like moons/sun/stars/astrology and tarot-type tattoos are very popular right now as well.”


Tattoo Artist: Rachel Patterson
Free Hand Body Art Tattoo Shop in Brownsburg

“I would have to say the floral trend right now is 100% birth month flowers. For me at least, it is definitely the most requested way to do a family or partner-related piece. In general, I really love floral pieces because even if the meaning that is connected to that certain piece is lost for some reason, you are still left with a beautiful piece of artwork that can stand on its own at the end of the day and not lead to regrets or represent a fleeting interest. Because of all of the meanings that are connected to certain flowers, you can also use them to signify loss or certain colors to reflect something about yourself, such as pride colors, without the piece broadcasting its meaning for things that are more personal.”

Lauren Carpenter is a marketing & media strategist who got her first tattoo two years ago and is still thinking of a good second tattoo idea. Now she has some ideas! You can find her on LinkedIn & Instagram.

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