Things I’m Loving This Week

Our editor-in-chief, Leslie Bailey, shares some of the local finds on her mind at the moment.
5 Things I'm Loving

Before she founded Indy Maven, our editor-in-chief Leslie Bailey was a lifestyle reporter with her finger on the pulse on all that’s happening in our fair city. In fact, all her friends asking her where to go and what to do helped plant the seed that would one day become this website. Her job may have evolved, but her keen sense of what’s cool has not. So we figured it made sense to check in with her every once and while to see what she’s obsessing over at the moment. 

Hey Galentines!

My husband and I don’t really *do* Valentine’s Day but I know some of my best gal pals will enjoy receiving these Darcy Miller designed mail boxes of heart-shaped chocolates by Louis Sherry from Parkside Linen (which is such a hidden gem for this very kind of gift).

1762 E. 86th St., (317) 844-6320,

Comical Critters.

I have no idea what I would do with it but I’m utterly tickled by this subway critter fabric at Crimson Tate. 

845 Massachusetts Ave., (317) 426-3300,

NOT taking a bag.

When shopping, I’m constantly trying to remember to A) Bring my own bag into the store or B) request the store not bag my items. How nice is it that Silver in the City is saving shoppers half the trouble?!

434 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis or 111 W. Main Street, Carmel, (317) 955-9925,


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As you may know, when you shop small with us and are ready to checkout, we always ask “would you like a bag today?” while ringing in your item(s). If you say yes to a bag, it’s no problem at all. Our follow up question is “would you like us to bag it as a gift for you?” If you say yes, HUZZAH!, we will get your gift bag cute and ready to give. We do this because it’s part of our charm and customer service; we love being a convenient one stop gift shop for you! We started asking our customers if they would like a bag for their items because, it’s a question we wished was asked to us more often. A lot of us are used to a speedy checkout process and having our things tossed in a disposable bag (often times plastic) and being sent on our way. A lot of the time we have to elaborate quickly if we don’t need a bag or have a reusable bag. It’s not the cashiers fault if they automatically put items in a store bag, they’re just doing what they were trained to do and it’s an expected level of customer service at big box stores. We don’t want to be like big box stores, we want to give you the time to think and make the decision that’s best for you. A big part of being eco friendly is being waste conscious. So, in 2018 we started training our employees to ask if you would like a bag at checkout. At first most people were surprised to hear the question and often times would still take a bag, but in recent months there’s about a 35% chance y’all don’t want a bag/already have a bag/have a reusable bag. I call that progress! #indianapolis #giftshop #ecofriendly #choice #bag #bethechange #2020

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My kids’ huge head.

We’re getting ready to take our first family beach vacation and I need something stylish to protect my son’s 90th percentile head. One of these cute new hats from Roman and Leo will be perfect. Sized up, of course.

8800 North St., Fishers, (317) 922-5758,

Tap This.

Okay. I really don’t understand the whole EFT tapping thing. Like, at all. But I’m really intrigued by its reported stress relieving and healing modalities so I was excited to learn about this workshop by the Spell Sisters at Onatah.

1339 Prospect St.,