10 Ideas for Your Halloween Costume

Spooky SZN is here, and that means it’s time to get your Halloween costumes ready, Mavens! Check out the list below for 10 ideas to kickstart your creative process (or Amazon order — we don’t judge.)
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Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re already outfit planning. After all, it’s the one night each year when you can be literally anything you want — why not take advantage? Whether you’ll be monster mashing ‘til dawn or trick-or-treating around your neighborhood, we’ve got you covered with costumes.

The Literal Devil Wearing Prada

For a new spin on a classic movie reference, try taking The Devil Wears Prada literally — all you need is a pair of devil horns and a printout of the Prada logo to tape onto your outfit. Luckily, devilish paraphernalia is abundant throughout the Halloween season, so a pair of horns is just as close as your local Halloween store. To take it up a notch, you can go all out with some red face paint, but don’t forget to add some extra makeup wipes to your cart, too!

The Scarlet Witch from WandaVision

Superhero costumes are always a hit, and dressing as Wanda from the Halloween episode of WandaVision makes for a Marvel-ous option. To get your comic on, grab this copycat version from Amazon or follow this tutorial to make your own!

Bob Ross and his Painting

Bring “The Joy of Painting” to Halloween by transforming into one of America’s most-loved artists. Pair your favorite jeans with a blue button-down shirt, and top it off with a Bob-Ross-inspired wig to complete the look! To make this costume fit for two, grab a friend and a canvas to have them double as one of his iconic paintings.

Beanie Babies

For a blast from the past, grab a few friends and transform yourselves into these popular ‘90s plushies. All you need are a few pairs of animal ears and a Ty logo tag to string around your neck, and you’ll find yourself looking just like the classic collectibles. This costume is totally DIY-able: to make the tag, just cut a heart shape out of cardboard, glue it to a printout of the Ty logo, and pull a ribbon through a corner.

Elle Woods

Live out your Cali diva dreams by dressing as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. All you need to tie this costume together is a blonde wig and a head-to-toe pink outfit. If your closet is lacking the necessary pieces, this look is totally thrift-able, and a little extra pink never hurt anyone’s wardrobe. After all, whoever said orange is the new pink is seriously disturbed.

The Cheetah Girls

Let’s face it: Halloween can be a little chilly, and what better way to stay warm than by donning a velour jumpsuit? There’s no sacrificing style for comfort here, either — the Cheetah girls are known for their fab looks! Grab three friends, dust off your Juicy tracksuits, and get the whole band together to rock this group costume.

The Wall from Stranger Things

For a nod to the fan-favorite Netflix series Stranger Things, try dressing as the iconic string light wall from season one. The best part about this costume is that you can wear almost anything with it — all you need are some alphabet letter cutouts and a pack of battery-powered string lights to wrap around yourself. Plus, when it gets dark, you can double as your own personal flashlight!

‘70s Disco Diva

It’s been way too long since we had a good excuse to dress up, and what better way to take advantage of Halloween than by going all-out as a disco diva? After all, everyone could use a pair of go-go boots in their life. To really sell the 70s look, make sure to slip on a headband and a bell-sleeved dress. PS — Amazon has the cutest disco ball earrings. Groovy, right?

Candy corn

Whether or not you think candy corn is delish, it definitely makes for a cute and simple costume. Any combination of orange, yellow, and white works for dressing as this infamous fall candy. Try topping off the look with a fun hat or wig to really get into the Halloween spirit!


You most likely have everything you need for this costume right in your closet! Put on your favorite pair of jeans or overalls with a plaid flannel shirt and a straw hat, and all you’ll need is some makeup. Grab a warm-toned eyeshadow palette and a black eyeliner to transform yourself using this tutorial. For bonus points, find some hay and stuff it in your shirt pocket for that authentic, “fresh from the field” look.

Katie Freeman is Indy Maven’s editorial intern who still doesn’t know what she’s going to dress up as.

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