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It’s sober October and we’ve got a list of mocktails to celebrate.
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It’s Sober October, and we’ve got a lineup of mocktails to help you celebrate — ones that won’t leave you with a hangover the following morning. And that’s a good thing.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, women are at higher risk of abusing alcohol for a combination of reasons. And women are more likely to experience hangovers and blackouts. When we cut alcohol out of our system, we experience lower blood pressure and heart rate, as well as a host of other benefits — physical, mental and social.

So whether you find yourself in Windsor Park or Fountain Square, these mocktails can be found all around town – that’s how appealing non-alcoholic beverages have become. 

1. Broken Foot ForwardBroken Foot Forward – BODHI

For the Maven who loves a good patio vibe on these last nights of summer, sip on Broken Foot Forward from Bodhi located near the Bottleworks District downtown, a women- and family-owned Thai restaurant. Their expert bartenders utilize Seedlip for a truly botanical creation, perfect for patio nights and end-of-summer days.

2. Alien Ectoplasm – HOTEL TANGO

Don’t let the name fool you — this mocktail is out of this world. For the adventurous Maven, Alien Ectoplasm from Hotel Tango is a star with flavors full of coconut, pistachio orgeat and aquafaba. Find yourself at their Fletcher Place tasting room and enjoy this mocktail along with freshly popped popcorn.

3. Coco Hydration – BLUE SUSHI SAKE GRILL

For the Maven who loves fresh flavors look no further than the variety of options for bites and bevs at Blue Sushi Sake Grill located at Ironworks. Their mocktails are focused on fruit, like the Coco Hydration with organic coconut water, strawberry and freshly squeezed lemonade.


This was the summer of the Aperol spritz, but you can make it a mocktail at Ball and Biscuit with their extensive zero-proof menu downtown. Enjoy the last of the patio days with the Spritz AF using Lyre’s Italian Orange and Aperitif Rosso and Fre Sparkling Brut and feel like you’re in Italy instead of Indy.

Flaminglow5. Flaminglow Canned Mocktail – 8TH DAY DISTILLERY

For the Maven on the go, you don’t always have time to sip on a handcrafted mocktail while sitting at your favorite lounge. 8th Day Distillery in Circle City Industrial Complex has you covered with their brand new Flaminglow Canned Mocktail that you can easily pick up in four packs from their tasting room, with a fun blood orange and rosemary flavor combination. 

6. Coocoonut Grove – INFERNO ROOM

Tiki vibes don’t always have to include alcohol – Inferno Room in Fountain Square has created some inclusive options (plus drinking anything out of tiki cup with a fun garnish always helps). The Coocoonut Grove mocktail is essential for the Maven who wants a taste of a getaway with sweet notes of coconut and cinnamon with zesty lemon, pineapple, and walnut bitters.

7. Forcible & Spink – THE BRASSERIE

Enjoy dinner and a movie at The Kan Kan + The Brasserie, along with a zero-proof Forcible & Spink with buckwheat tea, black cardamom-cinnamon maple and chili oil for a perfect date night in Windsor Park.

Shay McCoy, aka City of Shay, is your Indy bestie and lover of all things local.

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