A Maven Merger

You asked, we answered.
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It is with a tremendous amount of excitement that we’re writing with the news that we’re bringing our two flagship brands together under one banner. Beginning in August, Indy Maven will fall under the Maven Space brand. Why?

We’ve always said we’re stronger together. 

A while back, we asked you what would make your experience even better, and the answer was clear: You wanted more ways to connect. You wanted more ways to find fellow Mavens across interests and industries. You wanted more ways to be seen, find support, and feel valued. Our answer: A reimagined version of our membership community.

Beginning in August, the existing Indy Maven membership program will end, and the NEW Maven Space Digital Membership will take its place. 

For $18 a month or $200 a year, our new membership will:

  • Connect you with fellow mavens with our new app
  • Keep saving you thousands of dollars with local businesses through member perks
  • Help you expand your network through a detailed member directory
  • Keep you informed about job postings and listings
  • Offer ways to create groups with mavens who have similar interests
  • Include admission to monthly meetups
  • Offer discounts on tickets for our signature events like Style Swap and LIT, as well as memberships to like-minded communities like The Riveter and Create Connect Collab
  • Provide the opportunity to upgrade to any Maven Space membership at any time

And, because we know everyone is keeping an eye on their wallets, we’re inviting you to enjoy the first month free! After that, if you decide to join, you can always cancel at any time and still continue to enjoy our free weekly newsletter.

In a few weeks, you’ll receive an invitation for a one-month free trial with next steps. Until then, thank you for your support and grace as we navigate this exciting new chapter!

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