Cooking Beef Stew with Chef Abbi Merriss

Need a new meal to try? Abbi Merriss, chef and partner at Bluebeard, is here to show us how to make her famous recipe.
Chef Abbi Merriss Bluebeard

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Need a new recipe to try? Abbi Merriss, Chef & Partner at Bluebeard, is here to show us how to make Bluebeard’s famous beef stew. She’s not giving out *all* her secrets, so if you want to try the real thing you’ll have to make a trip to Bluebeard. Make sure to check out their upcoming events and enjoy a meal on their beautiful heated patio!

You can find the full recipe below the video.


Chuck roll (5 lbs. cubed)
Onion (2 yellow, medium dice)
Garlic (6 cloves, minced)
Carrot (6 peeled, cut into circles)
Celery (1 head, cleaned and medium dice)
Potatoes (3 Idaho, peeled, medium dice, cooked)
Peas (2 cups, frozen)
Red wine (2 cups)
Beef stock (6 cups)
Oil (1/2 cup)
Flour (about 2 cups)
Butter (1 lb)
Garlic powder (2 tablespoons)
Onion powder (2 tablespoons)
Bread (Amelia’s Francese)
Salt and pepper to taste
Begin with heating oil in a large dutch oven. Add beef and season with salt and pepper, brown lightly. Add onion and garlic and sauté until translucent. Add wine and reduce by half. Add 1/4 pound butter, let melt. Once butter is melted, add a touch of flour and stir constantly.
Add beef broth, stir well. Add in carrots and celery. Cook until beef is tender. Add peas and cooked potatoes. Season until perfection with salt, garlic, and onion powder. Enjoy!
Kitchen tools used in the video (provided by ZESCO):

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