Indy Podcast Mavens You Need to Know

Maybe you'll be inspired to start your own—at least we hope so.

We know—it seems like everyone and their mother has a podcast these days and we’re neither confirming nor denying whether Indy Maven is getting on that train…eventually. But here’s why: They’re the ultimate choose your-own-adventure of storytelling by real people who are experts, enthusiasts, and entertainers talking about subjects we love—or love to loathe. 

And, if you’re up to the job, it’s relatively easy to create your own. But first, consider the paths these local women took to become podcast mavens, what they’re listening to, and their advice for women looking to get in the game. 



Lives in Bloomington, works in Indianapolis, 29

Lauren Bavis- INDY MAVEN - Female Podcast CreatorPurpose of the podcast: To explore what goes wrong in the places meant to keep us healthy. The first season is a deep dive into fertility treatments. 

How I got started: I’m a health reporter at WFYI for Side Effects Public Media. We focus on public health issues and found that health can seem a kind of far away concept for younger folks. We wanted to address prevalent health issues and provide answers while telling good compelling stories. 

What I love about podcasts: We get to spend more time with our sources who are people sharing really personal stories—some they’ve never told another person before and are generous enough to tell our listeners.

What’s in my podcast library: On Something from Colorado Public Radio which is about the legalization of cannabis and In the Dark from American Public Media.

Listen here:


Hayley Brown, Co-Host of Drink Culture

Indianapolis, 23 

Hayley Brown INDY MAVEN Female Podcast Creator

Purpose of the podcast: To inspire and strengthen communities through storytelling.

How I got started: Fabian and Jared (my co-hosts) had been doing the podcast since April 2017. A few months later, I listened to an episode they did about Garden Table and liked it so I reached out on Instagram. We met a week later and by December I had joined the podcast. 


What I love about podcasts: You can disguise education as entertainment. And it’s free. 

What’s in my podcast library: Mugglecast – it’s Harry Potter news. I’m such a geek. I’ve been listening to it for 10 or 15 years now and for the past three, I’ve donated $5 every month to it and even met one of the hosts.

Listen here:

Editor’s note: The Drink Culture podcast has ended.


Lindsey Hein, I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein, The Illuminate Podcast, and Why Is everyone yelling

Indianapolis, 36

Lindsey Hein - INDY MAVEN - Female Podcast CreatorPurpose of the podcast:

To share stories about athletes, mainly runners, and their lives beyond running. 

How I got started: I would listen to podcasts while on runs but wasn’t finding the type of show I wanted to listen to, so I started my own. 

What I love about podcasts: Human connection. You get to know someone on a deeper level with one-on-one conversation. 

What’s in my podcast library: The Popcast with Knox and Jamie. It’s my fun and mindless celeb gossip mental escape. I also like The Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher and Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield.

Listen here:


Rebecca Fleetwood Hession, The Badass Women’s Council 

Noblesville, 53

Rebcca Fleetwood Hession - INDY MAVEN - Female Podcast CreatorPurpose of the podcast: To provide a community for high-achieving women. 

My favorite thing about it is: When women reach out to me for real conversation and a relationship as a result of something they’ve heard and say, “That’s exactly what I needed to hear” or that giving them confidence to get past what I call “the little bitch in our head”—the voice that tells us negative things that slow us down. 

The hardest part is: Learning all the freaking equipment! This was the first time in 30 years that I had to learn something from scratch. I realized I didn’t even speak the same language in the manual even though it was English. So, I did what high-achieving women do; I hired a coach. 

What’s in my podcast library: Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller. You get a full scope of business topics from a marketer’s mindset. 

Listen here:


Katara McCarty, Red Lips and Eye Rolls

Indianapolis, 47

Katara McCarty - INDY MAVEN - Female Podcast CreatorPurpose of the podcast: To help women gain resources and tools to access their own unique power, build self-confidence, and go for the life they deserve. 

How I got started: I wanted to find a way to give women the content and coaching tools I’ve been sharing for 20 years. 

My advice: Just do it. I think we overthink things. My podcast isn’t perfect, but I’m not trying to make it perfect. Don’t mull it over so much you never actually do anything. 

What’s in my podcast library: Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and RISE Podcast by Rachel Hollis.  

Listen here:




Purpose of the podcast: Talking about ordinary women doing extraordinary things and sharing their stories—whether they are filled with heartbreak or amazing accomplishments.

How they got started: Kelly Young and Stevi Stoesz Kirsh are already badasses in their own day jobs and launched to pod to shed a light on others—you know, in all their spare time.  

Listen here:




Purpose of the podcast: 

Inspiring women to “Be Well, Be Loved, and Be You.”

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Jacqueline Martinez, From Coffee to Wine


Purpose of the podcast: 

Focusing on the daily triumphs and struggles of a 9-5 job and how to maximize your potential.

Listen here:




Purpose of the podcast: 

Reminding you that you aren’t alone with “relief, reassurance, and some epic laughs along the way.”

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