10 Local Female Authors To Know And Love

Whether you’re looking for career advice or an uplifting children’s story, these talented Indiana-area female authors have you covered.
A collage of photos of local female authors

If you’re like us, you may have resolved to read more in 2022: a LOT more. Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve put together a list of local female authors that you just have to check out this year. From fantasy and romantic fiction to inspirational children’s tales, these women have created notable books that are worth putting on your reading list—and actually finishing.

A photo of Aleatha Romig

A photo of Aleatha Romig's book, Red SinALEATHA ROMIG:
She’s an indie author, a business owner, and an employer—it seems like Aleatha Romig can do it all! That doesn’t stop her though; with 46 titles to her name, she loves creating new and different stories, like her latest, “The Sin Series.” She considers writing her escape, giving herself and readers an out from the daily grind, and there’s no better time than now to check out some of her many novels that continue to engage her loyal fans.

AVA CUVAY:A photo of Ava Cuvay's book, Tin ManA photo of Ava Cuvay
Ava currently lives in the paranormal world—well, in her work, at least. This storyteller crafts romantic tales filled with sassy heroines, gutsy heroes, action, and humor with one promise: her stories always have a happy ending. Look out for her latest, a book titled “Tin Toy,” the second book in her “Silver Cyborg Series” after “Tin Man.” What can she tell us? “The book is set in a futuristic Indianapolis and shows how cybernetics have advanced into technology that society loves to hate.” We’re already hooked.

A photo of Denisha FergusonA photo of Danisha's book, Year of the CreatorDENISHA FERGUSON:
A member of Indy Maven’s editorial board, Denisha Ferguson used the pandemic to, well, write a book. “Year of the Creator reminds readers not to be afraid, and instead, step into their power each day with faith, determination, and action. It’s how Denisha herself lives her life as she works on her next workbook that speaks about creating Indiana Fashion Week, an amazing initiative she’ll be spearheading again this year.

JALYSA KING:A photo of Jalysa's book When I Grow Up I Can Be AnythingA photo of Jalysa King
Part of the Maven family, Jalysa King is not only Indy Maven’s sales guru, but she is also a talented author. It’s the power of storytelling that keeps her going, and the hope that everything she writes or creates incites dialogue and a sense of community among readers. It’s what inspires her to write children’s books like “When I Grow Up I Can Be Anything,” and she’s currently working on her second title right now.

A photo of Kara's Finding Joy
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A photo of Kara KavenskyKARA KAVENSKY:
A passionate storyteller, Kara’s setting up for a big year. 2022 will see the launch of her first book, a memoir titled “Finding Joy,” a transformational love story inspired by an interview Kara had with a WWII Veteran. In addition to her book release, she’s launching a healing workshop series for individuals impacted by trauma. Her podcast, “Finding Joy with Kara,” drops a new season of inspiring interviews, and she continues her work with clients as a professional communications strategist. It’s evident that Kara is here to make waves.

LYNN CRANDALL:A photo of Lynn CrandellA photo of Lynn's book Meant To Be You
Writer and journalist Lynn Crandall is driven by her passion: the written word. Be it newspapers, trade magazines, or novels, she’s driven by the multitude of stories she finds around her every day. Currently, she has two books in the works, and while she can’t say much, she tells us that her upcoming release, ‘Could it be You?,’ joins a series of women’s fiction that has her extremely excited. Her one piece of advice, for writers and readers alike? “Believe in your passion, believe in yourself.”

A photo of Nakeisha WashingtonA photo of Nakeisha's book, Who Is Nyla Nova?NAKEISHA WASHINGTON:
Nyla Nova STEMversity is Nakeisha’s dream initiative. As the founder and CEO, she transformed her passion, getting young women excited about science, into a profession. The author bug bit her when her daughter Nyla would mimic her, creating her main character—Nyla Nova, a STEM prodigy. Her current releases are chapter books like “Nyla Nova and Her STEMventures,” which are geared towards children hoping to get into STEM, and she hopes to one day produce a workbook with lessons, experiments, and projects for teachers that could be used in schools all across America.

NAN REINHARDT:A photo of Nan's book The Valentine WagerA photo of Nan Reinhardt
Nan’s been a writer her whole life, and she has a litany of books to prove it. The people in her head are always there, clamoring for their tales to be told, and she’s inspired by the smallest story, or even a scene. Keep an eye out for her newest title, “The Valentine Wager,” Book 1 of “The Lange Brothers” series; it was just released on February 1st.  

A photo of Tanorria AskewA photo of Tanorria's book, Staples +5TANORRIA ASKEW:
This fabulous chef has always had the dream to write a cookbook. She initially may never have expected that dream to materialize, but after her journey on MasterChef five years ago, Tanorria realized that she had a culinary story worth telling. If you’re looking for amazing eats to kick off the new year, make sure you grab a copy of her cookbook, “Staples +5,” which celebrates both her Southern and Midwestern influences.

TRACY J. EDMONDS:A photo of Tracy's book Wild Hair: A Courageous Woman's Guide To A Bold And Authentic Career A photo of Tracy Edmonds
Tracy’s first book, “Wild Hair: A Courageous Woman’s Guide to a Bold and Authentic Career,” is all about choosing to live as your authentic self. She’s inspired by the many Black women who have paved the way in the network of corporate leadership, and she wanted to share her own insights. Book two, she says, will focus on how organizations can create sustainably diverse and inclusive cultures. With the goal of impacting corporate leaders and their company-building skills, Tracy’s here to stay.

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