Indiana Fashion Week 2022 Offers Style and Entertainment with a Focus on Economic Development

With the theme “Integrate,” Indiana Fashion Week 2022 has an exciting roster of events you’re not going to want to miss.
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Indiana Fashion Week Schedule

Indiana Fashion Week (INDFW), which will occur July 25th through July 30th, is one of the premier fashion happenings in Indiana and even the Midwest.

While the schedule of events features everything from a Youth Designer Challenge to The Runway Shows, a main focus of the week is on economic development.

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Denisha Ferguson; photo qross photography

“The thing about fashion week is that it is a training platform and many of the positions that feature creatives and entrepreneurs are volunteer,” said Denisha “Dlang” Ferguson, founder and CEO of Indiana Fashion Foundation and INDFW. “Whether it is hair, make-up, a designer, or someone who is on the production side, they are all working to put this together,” she added.

Indiana Fashion Foundation is a nonprofit 501C(3) organization. Ferguson is highlighting the economic development aspect because she would like to be able to obtain more funding to provide certifications. stipends, training, and resources to the entrepreneurs who are volunteering, as well as the college students who work as interns for college credit.

Ferguson said this year they also are focusing more on their programming which includes bringing back pop-up fashion shows on Monument Circle and other areas of downtown Indy. “We want to show how fashion literally can integrate with the sports, technology, health, and transportation industries,” Ferguson said.

black woman wearing a black sweater exposing her shoulders white long black hair and smiling with teeth for the camera
Denisha Ferguson; photo MMW

INDFW also is filled with events promoting style and diversity in clothing and designers. “We basically accept a variety of designers, and we’ve had styles including rock, street wear, chic, couture, and more,” Ferguson said. Last year designer Emily Gartner of Art Threads and Emily Gartner Designs designed clothing for fabulous ladies over 50 years old.

There also will be models who are of different races and ethnicities, from plus size to petite.

Ferguson believes attendees likely will be more excited for Fashion Week 2022. “People want to get out and have fun, and fashion is part of that inspiration,” she said.  Hopefully, it also will serve as a welcoming out of the pandemic, she added.

As if Ferguson isn’t already busy enough with INDFW and the foundation, she also designs her own clothing line, DLANG Designs.

“I’ve been designing since I was 15, but launched my signature pieces of wraps, head scarves, and bonnets in 2019,” she explained.

five women modeling different fashion shirts and dresses posing for a photo in front of a white background
Looks from DLANG Designs; photo qross photography

In addition, there is another more recent creation for her line. “I have this amazing dress that I love,” Ferguson said. “I have two different versions, one with one sleeve, and then another with two sleeves, but you can wear it as a dress or a shirt. The design is called, ‘The Best Shirt Dress.'”

For more information on INDFW, visit, or on Ferguson’s designs, visit

Freelance writer Diane Moore, who used to adore fashion in the before times, plans to attend some INDFW events for style/wardrobe inspiration.

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