Indiana Fashion Week’s Dlang Ferguson: What I’m Bringing to Style Swap

The executive director of the Indiana Fashion Foundation, which produces Indiana Fashion Week, will bring one of her signature designs to Style Swap.
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Fashion designer Denisha “Dlang” Ferguson believes in quality over quantity, so if you buy one of her beautiful designs—such as this season’s “draped top” that can be worn as a top or jacket-style wrap—you likely won’t run into another woman wearing the same thing. (And if you do? The two of you will probably be fast friends.)

Ferguson is also the executive director of the Indiana Fashion Foundation, which produces the annual Indiana Fashion Week, celebrating Hoosier creativity and style.

What she’s bringing to Style Swap: One of her Dlang Designs Velour Tops. “It’s special because the person who swaps for it, gets a designer original made in Indiana.”

Want to score it? Get tickets to Style Swap here.

Denisha Dlang FergusonIf you could raid the closet of one woman, who would it be?

Supermodel Precious Lee. She has a mix of fun, sophisticated, and sexy clothing I would love and could fit into.

Favorite local places to shop?

The Toggery, Goodwill’s Vintage Vogue boutiques, and Thrifty Threads. I love finding vintage treasures unless I’m looking for something particular, then I’ll go to Saks or Macy’s.

What’s one item in your closet you will never part with?

My grandma gave me a pair of blue vintage bell bottom pants. She wore them in the ‘60s. I love the detail on them.

Pearls or diamonds? 

Both. Just like silver and gold. You’ll likely see me mix both together.

Amanda Kingsbury just wants someone to raid her closet—and remove all the things that she clearly no longer wears or needs.

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