No Label at the Table Is All About Inclusivity

Owner Shelly Henley’s delicious Carmel bakery is staffed by employees with autism.
No Label at the Table baking

There are certain people, places, and things that make a community feel like home. Whether it’s a friendly neighbor, small talk with the mail person, or a favorite local business—there is a sense of comfort and warmth. No Label at the Table, a local bakery in Carmel, Ind., is the epitome of a welcoming, comforting business. Established out of love and the desire to create a safe, inclusive environment, owner Shelly Henley—along with her amazing staff—are a treasured business in the community.

There are many things that make No Label at the Table a unique business, but the most notable is that every staff member is a person with autism. Autism is a spectrum and the saying is “If you know one person with autism, you know one person with autism.” Every individual you meet has their own story, their own charm, and that is what makes this bakery so special. Every employee is given the chance to shine and contribute in their own way. Some of the things the staff loves most about working at the bakery are knowing they are a part of a team, baking and cooking with friends, and the ability to shine and be themselves.

When we think about the common narrative around someone turning 18, we’re used to hearing about college, the workforce, etc. But that ingrained model doesn’t work for everyone. As Henly’s son Jacob was approaching eighteen, she asked him what he wanted to be as an adult, and with no hesitation she learned that he wanted to become a chef—which led to the creation of No Label at the Table.

The intention to create a sense of belonging and community is at the heart of this bakery and it shows from the minute you walk in the door. The business was also created with job training in mind, to ensure that no matter what an employee’s future entails they would be prepared. Whether it is IT support or decorating a wedding cake, the staff is full of talented, bright individuals. As an owner, Henly is extremely proud of the hardworking, dedicated, honest group of people she gets to work with each day.

On top of the amazing staff, at No Label at the Table every item on the menu is gluten and dairy free. The staff has complete control when it comes to creating the items that will be featured each week, whether it’s a fun take on one of their favorite meals or a comfort meal.

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From delicious soups to tasty brownies, the menu at No Label at the Table diverse and sure to please everyone for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you have never visited their shop or stopped by their stand at the Carmel Farmers Market and have no idea what to order, you can start with their most popular item which is their Oatmeal Dream Cookie Sandwich. Other crowd favorites include English muffins and pumpkin gingerbread. (Just note that since a third of the employees are non-verbal, No Label at the Table doesn’t have a phone. But you can check out more details on their website or follow them on Instagram.)

You can also find No Label at the Table at the Carmel Farmer’s Market, Foundary Provisions, The Remnant Coffee Shop, and online at Market Wagon.

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