What Does Personal Style Mean to You?

We asked eight Indianapolis-area women to share their thoughts on personal style and the local boutiques they like to support.
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Style is so much more than staying on top of the season’s latest trends, so we asked eight local women that we admire to share their thoughts about what personal style means to them. Bonus: We also found out where they personally shop, too.

Black woman smiling with teeth wearing a bright green quarter length t-shirt with arms crossed over elbows in front of city buildings
Allissa M. Impink

What does personal style mean to you? 

Personal styles means, bright colors! I’m currently growing in my area of fashion and eager and willing to learn more.

What is your favorite local boutique to support, and why?

My favorite local boutique is the SHE.Xperience located downtown in Circle Centre Mall. The SHE.Xperience provides venues for Black-owned businesses. It’s wonderful to walk into the community space and grab all that you need. In one shopping experience I bought a pair of shoes, eyelashes, brown sugar scrub, and candles — I was in and out in 30 mins!

A photo of Amy Miller's personal style
Amy Miller
amy miller
clinical research leader

What does personal style mean to you?
Knowing what is flattering for you and making a trend your own. I have a weakness to going to great lengths to find matching shoes for outfits.

What is your favorite local boutique to support, and why?
Bath Junkie — there is nothing like a refreshing shower gel and lotion to help wake you up in the morning.

white woman with medium length brown hair soft smiling wearing red lipstick and a blue multicolored blouse
Angela Cain
angela cain
owner of angela cain communications

What does personal style mean to you? 

Personal style to me means being authentically you … expressing yourself with your own unique touches and realizing that you are not a carbon copy. There is no one else … just like you.

What is your favorite local boutique to support, and why? 

After three decades on television, I am in a much more casual stage of life and have little need for shopping. I never really enjoyed clothes shopping ever, but when I was looking for something a little more unique for an event during my news anchoring and reporting days, I would find some nice outfits at Chico’s. I have always preferred shopping for “home” the most, so if you want to go home decorating shopping, I’m in! I even like to help decorate for family, creating pretty home spaces where we spend so much of our time. I’m all about comfort in clothing and at home.

white woman standing by a window with a white curtain wearing a straw hat and ripped jeans and a black t-shirt with a blazer thrown over her shoulder
Ashley Maupin; photo credit: Golden Cardinal Media
ashley maupin
SENIOR Accounting manager at resultant

What does personal style mean to you? 

Personal style is a reflection of how I want the world to see me. Ever since I was a little girl, I have learned to evolve my style with where I am in my life. My perfect wardrobe consists of timeless pieces that I can count on for years to come mixed with fun pieces I can use to express my creative side! I LOVE to mix prints and bold colors to create a statement.

What is your favorite local boutique to support, and why? 

Liberty James located in Lebanon! There is something for everyone there and the ladies who run the show are the sweetest. They truly value being inclusive. There is a collaboration that recently dropped with The City Moms that is absolutely fabulous.

white older woman with dark red pixie cut wearing pearl necklace and earrings and leopard print scarf
Karen Kennedy
karen kennedy 
director of event sales and marketing at maven space

What does personal style mean to you?
For me, personal style means wearing whatever makes you feel most “you.” Some women can rock a white t-shirt and jeans, but my hips don’t lie and that look doesn’t work for me. I love dressing up and accessorizing. I have shoe racks on the backs of my closet doors that hold necklaces, because there’s never been a jewelry armoire made big enough for me. (If you need to borrow some jewelry for an event, I’m your gal!)

What is your favorite local boutique to support? 

Marigold Clothing in Broad Ripple.

woman in long sparkly ball-gown dress on a stage at the jw marriot hotel in Indianapolis
Lauren James; photo credit: Paul D’Andrea – Paul D’Andrea Photography
lauren james
executive director at the mitch daniels leadership foundation 

What does personal style mean to you?
Personal style to me means showing up as my best and most authentic self. It’s also a balance of expression and fully arriving for the day ahead: glamorous but comfortable, confident yet casual, sophisticated and simple.

What is your favorite local boutique to support, and why?

Bella Bridesmaids in Carmel has become my recent boutique go-to for finding beautiful, unique, and formal gowns for galas and events. Dina and her team are extremely warm and welcoming, and work to help find the perfect fit, color, and style of dress for each special occasion.

white petite woman wearing a grey sweater and soft smiling in front of a tree trunk she has short red hair
Pollyana Ribeiro
pollyana ribeiro
en pointe indiana ballet co-artistic director and co-owner

What does personal style mean to you?
To me, personal style represents more of your personality, rather than what you wear or how you decorate your house. Depending on the day, I dress how I feel or for the occasion. My favorite article of clothing is a dress. All dresses — sundresses, gala dresses, long or short. They are all fabulous!

What is your favorite local boutique to support? 

One of my favorite local boutiques is Hippie Chic in Noblesville.

white woman in a long blue sequin skirt and a denim quarter length sleeve t-shirt
Stephanie Grabow
stephanie grabow
personal stylist and color analysis consultant

What does personal style mean to you?
Personal style is a way to communicate your power and values before you ever say a word. Your personal style is the non-verbal expression of your interests, your sense of adventure, your confidence, and your belief in your self-worth.

What is your favorite local boutique to support, and why?

My favorite local boutique is Beauty + Grace in Carmel City Center. Their clothes have a fun perspective with a dash of classic style and just a hint of trend. Plus, they have an eye for clothes that are gorgeous and comfortable.

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