The Top 10 Stories from Indy Maven’s First Year

Revisit our most popular stories of the year—or perhaps discover one you've never read before.

The numbers don’t lie—these are your 10 favorite stories we published in our first year.

We’re so proud of every single one and love how they represent the wide range of interests of our community and so many amazing accomplishments of Indianapolis women.

Thank you for all of your support this year! We promise there is much more to come.

Indy Black Women Owned Businesses

We asked you to share your favorite Black women-owned businesses on Instagram and Facebook. From restaurants and salons to boutiques and art galleries, check out this list of Black women-owned businesses located in Indy.

social distancing

“Because not only is the pandemic still very much a thing, it’s by all measurable stats worse than it was when we first locked down in March.”

face masks Indianapolis

There are tons of people hand making masks right now, but if you’re not the DIY type and are looking to shop from a local retailer, check out these businesses selling fabric face masks in various patterns, sizes, and prices, including those for kids.

indianapolis black female politicians

This inspiring photo’s worth at least 1,000 words about Black women’s political power locally. Plus, find out the story behind: “Find a dress, get your hair done. You have a press conference tomorrow.”

Shadé Bell

Boarded up windows are becoming works of art – and statements of support for the Black Lives Matter movements and protests. This project was organized by PATTERN, St’ArtUp 317, and the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

social distance partying

While you may not be able to throw a typical birthday blowout or graduation bash right now, this advice from local event planners will help make your celebration just as memorable.

chopping herbs

From beef stew and Bolognese sauce to peanut butter cheesecake truffles and Japanese fried rice, here’s what the city’s top female chefs, restaurateurs, and bloggers are cooking at home.

Ink, Inc.

by Rachel Hickey

close up of a tattoo

Are you ready for your next (or possibly first) tattoo? Whether you want something bright and bold or micro and minimalistic, there’s a tattoo artist for everyone. Check out these amazing women creating some of the coolest art in town.

female bakers Indianapolis

Consider supporting one of these local women the next time you’re thinking of ordering a sweet treat or picking up a crusty baguette. These talented women are making Indianapolis a tastier place to be.

typing on keyboard

Who run the world? Girls! From small business owners to career multitaskers, these impressive Indiana-area women are all blazing trails and reaching great heights in their chosen fields.