Why Don’t You….The Coronavirus Chronicles

We have some ideas (inspired by Diana Vreeland's "Why Don't You" column) about things to try while you're hunkered down at home.
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Until events resume, we have some ideas (inspired by Diana Vreeland’s “Why Don’t You” column) about things to try while you’re hunkered down at home.

Mrs. Vreeland was known for her extravagant and sometimes outrageous ideas for the modern woman and you’ll certainly find some of those here, among plenty of easy and basic things you can do to brighten your world and that of other’s during this crazy time.


– Start a Covid-19 garden—even if it only consists of two herbs on your windowsill.

– Create a cause calendar with a new organization or nonprofit to donate to for every month left in the year.

– Perfect your own custom spin on a classic cocktail.

– Take an evening stroll after dinner. Make it a part of your nightly routine.

– Buy or make a guest book for your house so you’ll never take visitors for granted again.

– Schedule a virtual therapy session, even if you’ve never been before. Especially if you’ve never been before.

– Hang sheer curtains around your bed for a luxe feeling on a dime.

– Order a custom bookplate, sticker, or stamp to give your books a history for the next reader (or to remind a borrowing friend of where to return).

– Decide on a summer wardrobe staple—caftans, house dresses, overalls—this is the year anything goes.

– Try your hand at a champagne jelly mold. You perfected Jell-O shots ages ago anyway.

– Write a long love letter to your favorite local business and post it somewhere online for the world to see.

– Splurge on some simple summer childhood pleasures like driveway chalk, bubbles, and popsicles–whether you have kids or not.

– Give your bicycle game a facelift with a new basket, bell, or helmet.

– Master the art of riding said bicycle in a dress (if they’re your thing).

– Select a notable woman in history, living or dead. Study her as much as you can over the course of the next month.

– Update your Coronavirus wardrobe and order some cute face masks, luxurious loungewear, and really fabulous house slippers.

– Order and cook up the most unique seafood you can find in your next grocery delivery—fish is the new meat after all.

– Pick a friend. Create a Spotify playlist of all the songs that remind you of them and your fun times together. Share. Repeat.

– Reach out someone on Mother’s Day who isn’t necessarily a mom to let them know you’re thinking of them—for whatever reason.

– Relive your youth by sending a flirty text, sunbathing in your backyard even if it’s not quite warm enough, or drinking a Zima—they still make those, right?

– Have an international dinner and a movie theme night. Might we suggest a bowl of cacio de pepe, a glass of Pinot Grigio, and Roman Holiday.

– Tap into those psychic abilities you’ve always sworn you have with a virtual psychic development class at New Age People.

– Turn on some spa music, slip into your coziest robe, lay on top of a heating pad, and treat yourself to a face massage.

– Watch Mrs. America on Hulu and learn about aspects of the initial fight to ratify the ERA you might not have known before. Cate Blanchett’s Phyllis Schlafly is a fascinating and complex character study, as are the other real-life feminists portrayed in the show like Shirley Chisholm, Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, and Betty Freidan.

– Write a note or draw a picture for a child in need to let them know someone is thinking of them via The Patachou Foundation’s Lunchbox Letters program.

– Tie-dye is everywhere right now…Why not source yourself a kit and then go crazy tie-dying anything and everything that inspires you—a COVID mask, kitchen towels, socks, your baby’s onesie…

– Make yourself a very special bag of popcorn (Truffle butter? Pink Himalyan salt? M&Ms from your kid’s Easter Basket?) and watch a classic movie you’ve never seen before.

– Create a list of all the places you dream of traveling when this is over and as if cost will be no object. It can’t hurt to dream….Morocco, anyone?

– Pack a picnic and have it on the floor of the most infrequently used room of your house.

– Swap out those ratty old pajamas for your cutest workout gear, take a Club Pilates class on our Facebook page, and treat yourself to a fabulous fruit smoothie when you’re done.

– Whip up a batch of margaritas and hop on Zoom with your college girlfriends for a much-needed laughfest over whatever ridiculous things your kids did today.

– Learn a TikTok dance—even if you never post it.

– Wear blue today (Thursday) as part of Indy’s effort to #LightItBlue to honor health care workers and first responders. 

– Go through your bathroom drawers/cabinets and make use of all those exfoliants, masks, etc and have a spa night in—plus toss expired stuff you find! Save anything unopened you don’t plan to use and donate it to a local organization.

– Prep your guest (or bed) room for a stay-cation, complete with dinner on a tray in bed, sweets on your pillows at turndown, and all the TV you can binge-watch.

– Live with your lover? Put on a lingerie fashion show (and stealthy use it as an opportunity to see which bras no longer fit and donate them to I Support the Girls—hello, multitasking!)

– Invite your friends to a virtual brunch using your nicest stationery. Have bubbly delivered to their door the morning of.

– Buy a nice set of notecards from a local shop that delivers or ships and then send friends snail mail to let them know you’re thinking of them.

– Let your children paint a mural such as a rainforest on their bedroom or playroom walls. You can always paint over it when this is over.

– Challenge yourself to doctor up the fanciest bowl of cheap ramen and drink it with the most expensive bottle of wine (or most delightful non-alcoholic beverage) you have.

– Move your favorite piece of art somewhere unexpected but a place that you frequent—above your washing machine or commode, perhaps.

– Remove the lacquer/gel/whatever else you have on your nails (toes included) and let. them. breathe.

– Grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea, download Houseparty app, and play a raunchy game with your girlfriends.

– Connect with a local hospital about ordering a meal for overworked staff. Gather a group of friends to chip in.

– Let your child (children) loose in the shower with a can of whipped cream, shaving cream or the like.

– Give your dog a spa day using your fancy salon shampoo, complete with a blow out and perhaps a light spritz of your favorite fragrance.

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