A Maven’s Guide to the State Fair

Fried food and farm animals... what's not to love? Check out our Maven's guide to the State Fair for all things women-owned.

The Indiana State Fair is a summer staple. Below, we round up some of the top female-owned food vendors. Plan accordingly.

Gobble Gobble

What is the state fair for if not an excuse to eat fried food? Thankfully the ladies over at the Gobble Gobble Truck have us covered. One of their fun featured dishes this year is “The Mac Daddy Empanada.” This savory treat has mac and cheese and a pulled BBQ Turkey combo stuffed in the empanada. Definitely on our must-try list.

Urick Concessions

Monica Urick is a vendor that you won’t want to miss. Urick Concessions basically runs the alcohol at the state fair. With a boozy shake like the “Gimme S’more Bourbon Shake,” how could you pass it up? They also have great food offerings like “Bratchos” and “Nutellaphant Ears.”

Red Frazier Bison

Co-owner Jennifer Karnes loves featuring women-owned businesses at her own stand. Red Frazier Bison is the perfect place to get a taste of Indiana with their “The Indiana Grown Burger.” This patty features not only their delicious flavors but also Cornerstone Bread (women-owned*) and Metal Honey Foods (women-owned*). Go give it a try, trust us you won’t regret it!

Black Leaf Vegan

Black Leaf Vegan is not only inclusive, but incredibly tasty. If you’re craving a creative flavor combination this summer, look no further than Co-owner Taria Slack’s “Hoosier Burger Mango.” With their unique Black Leaf sauce (teriyaki bbq), fresh mango salsa, and vegan cheddar cheese, this burger is sure to satisfy that craving.


If you’re going to the state fair, you can’t miss the iconic Lemon Shake Ups. Hi & Mighty’s Jamie and Dan Fahrner understand the excitement and bring not one…not two… but three alcoholic flavors. They will feature Cherry, Lemon, and Spiced Apple all fair long. You won’t want to miss it.

Abby Kom is the 2023 Indianapolis Press Club Fellowship winner, is a night-time tea drinker, and wants to learn how to be a better plant mom.

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