5 Questions With Ashley Butler, Founder and CEO of MySherri

Ashley Butler of MySherri is helping her clients clear their to-do lists and focus on enjoying life.
A photo of Ashley Butler owner of MySherri

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Ashley Butler is the Founder and CEO of MySherri, which, according to the company’s website, is a home management services company that is focused on helping busy individuals and families manage their households so they can focus on what matters. We spoke with Ashley to learn more about her business and the much-needed services it provides.

Before you founded MySherri, you were a successful physician. Why did you decide to pivot and start your company?
A photo of Ashley Butler of MySherri
Ashley Butler

I started MySherri because of my experience in medicine. I was an overwhelmed professional who felt like the world was telling me I should be able to have it all but only if I did it all. I was really fortunate to find Sherri who came into my home and helped manage the to-do list that was always growing at home while I was away at work trying to build my career. I realized that many of my colleagues were experiencing the same thing: “no time, but always something that needs to be done.”

On the flipside — I saw that many of my patients were needing medical care because they had lived stressful lives with no time for healthy food, exercise, and rest. I thought perhaps MySherri could help remove some of the burden from busy women so that they could live a more fulfilling life.

I will always have a healer’s heart. I just believe that there are many ways to help heal people. MySherri happens to be the way I want to bring healing to people.

For those that might not know, can you explain what MySherri is?

Sure! Great question. MySherri is a company that gives time back to busy women by providing a reliable and dedicated Home Coordinator to take care of the to-do list that is always growing. Our goal is to take tasks off of busy women’s plates so that they can spend time with the people and projects that matter most to them. We handle the laundry, meal prep, grocery shopping, errand running, appointment scheduling, pet care, and so much more!

Why do you think that MySherri is resonating so well with your clients?

I think MySherri resonates well with our clients because for a really long time women (largely) have shouldered the “task list” that makes a house feel like home. Making sure the kids schedules are arranged, meals are prepared, and everyone has a clean outfit in the morning has fallen to our clients more often than not. Women and the partners that support them realize how valuable their time is, particularly when it can be spent building relationships or on self-care. One of our clients recently shared this comment with me: “I did not realize just how much I dreaded the weekends until I could spend them doing what I enjoy, which is not laundry.”

So many women try to “do it all,” and it’s just impossible. How has delegating changed your life, and what do you recommend other women do to lessen the burdens placed on them?

YES! We try to do it all. Delegating has changed my life by allowing me to focus on what I am really good at and what I actually enjoy doing. I recommend that women not only be willing to ask for help (because we all deserve it) but to be willing to receive the help. If you delegate, but then micromanage the process or take it over completely — you’ve just created more work for yourself. Trust the process and most importantly, the people who want to help you.

In your opinion, what has been the most important lesson that you’ve learned since founding your company?

Whoa! This one is hard. There has been so much to learn. Sometimes that learning has been a result of failing. I guess the one lesson I try to embrace is that failing is necessary. I tell my team that I am not always going to get it right. They are not always going to get it right. BUT, what we can do is learn from what we did not get right and try again. It’s the response to the failure that makes the difference.

Stephanie Groves is the Executive Editor of Indy Maven, and she needs to learn to delegate more.

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