(Not So) Plain White T’s

From Sunday Afternoon Housewife to Felicia Tees, we’re totally obsessed with the rad t-shirts designed by these four Indy women.
rack of t-shirts

T-shirts in 2020 aren’t the t-shirts you grew up wearing. Gone are the ill-fitting, scratchy inelastic torso sacks that you got either from a bachelorette party or a cannon at a basketball game.

Now, t-shirts are soft marvels of cotton we actually look forward to wearing and we actually choose to spend good, worthy money on them because they represent our personalities.

Here are four local women who design tees you’d actually be proud to wear.

Jessica Dunn

As arthouse cinema Kan-Kan prepares to open this winter on the near-Eastside at 1258 Windsor St., founding members will get this limited-edition minimalist t-shirt from by designer Jessica Dunn. 

Martha Latta

Martha began her T-shirt line Sunday Afternoon Housewife a decade ago and it has evolved into a deeply pro-women, pro-kindness and pro-Indy shop. The T-shirts are $26 to $30 and you can buy them on Martha’s website, www.sundayafternoonhousewife.com

Felicia Kiesel

Boomerang Boutique owner Felicia Kiesel sells her Felicia Tees T-shirts in her shop at 845B Massachusetts Ave. for $22 each. These bright and peppy designs are, like Sunday Afternoon Housewife, very supportive of love, kindness, women, and local. And, also, tacos.

Amy McAdams-Gonzales

Amy McAdams-Gonzales’ design work is prolific around town—she’s designed logos for local shops, products and, a T-shirt you’ve likely seen: United State of Indiana’s tenderloin tee. She and her husband came up with the idea over beers, brainstorming “Indiana-centric designs that were a bit more quirky and fun.” Buy it on United State of Indiana’s website for $25.

Amy Bartner is a regular Indy Maven contributor and extremely biased in writing this piece because she’s made it a goal to collect as many local T-shirts as possible — and she absolutely isn’t ashamed of her color-organized T-shirt rack in her closet.

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