Your Guide to Sustainable Living

Make your life a little more green with these great tips.

Trying to be environmentally friendly can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of simple steps you can take right now to decrease your environmental footprint. From your home to your fashion, these tips will help you incorporate sustainability into your everyday life. 


Consider making a small change to your home like turning off unnecessary lights or a big one like switching to a solar powered water heater. Both are great ways to practice sustainable living. Here are a few more tips you can implement to make your home greener. 

  • Use energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps
  • Invest in a tankless water heater
  • Set up a drying rack instead of installing a dryer
  • Have a water filter installed in your kitchen
  • Swap out your gas oven for a convection one
  • Keep your windows and doors closed when the air conditioning is on
  • Add some landscaping for shade
  • Change your furnace filter regularly

Check out this story for more details on how to make these changes.


Fast fashion can be a real problem for the environment, so you should consider sustainable practices in your clothing selection. This story has tips from local pros for easy and fun ways to create a sustainable wardrobe including:

  • Wearing second hand clothing
  • Seeking out fabrics that will hold up longer
  • Shopping at Secondarie to search thrift stores items online
  • Shopping local

While sustainable eating may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about sustainable living, you can have a huge impact by making a few changes to your eating habits. Here are a few quick tips you can use to eat more sustainably.

  • Grow a garden
  • Shop in your local community
  • Stop drinking bottled water
  • Eat seasonally

To learn more about how eating can impact the environment and how you can implement these processes read this story

Your eating habits can also create a lot of food waste which can rot in a landfill for years. To combat this consider composting which has plenty of great benefits. Check out this story to learn more about different types of composting and to choose one that works best for you.


What could be a better gift than one that also helps that environment? From refillable products to sustainable gift wrapping, this story features gifts that are perfect for brightening someone’s day and making the Earth a better place to live. They’re so nice you might even choose to buy some for yourself.

Ellie Allen is Indy Maven’s Editorial Intern.

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