Indy Maven Neighborhood Guide: Zionsville

A list of neighborhood musts from neighbors in the know.

Indy Maven polled its readers, contributors, board members, and team members to create a guide for any Maven new to the neighborhood. 

Food & Drink
So Big Maternity House * (Whitestown) 
Habitat ReStore (Zionsville)
Arts & Culture

Please note: We are not cartographers. Some of us here at Indy Maven may not even be great with directions. Using broad, geographic boundaries, we are highlighting the most well-recognizable neighborhoods for these guides. If a spot is within a 5-minute drive, but not technically in the ’hood, you may find it included anyway. This is a living breathing guide, ever-evolving, and a community effort. This is your guide, so please, if you see something that’s missing, share it with us in the Updates, Corrections, and Additions Center.

Allison Barkel
Leslie Bailey
Leslie Bailey
Maura Malloy
Abby Kom
Starla Mathis
Starla Mathis
Maria Baer
Maria Baer

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